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About Lithko Contracting

Lithko was formed in the early 1990s by a group of commercial concrete construction professionals who had grown weary of the constant travel their jobs required, and the strain that travel put on their families. Seeing an opportunity to create a different kind of organization, they formed a commercial concrete contracting company focused on working close to home.

Lithko Contracting, LLC is a full-service concrete contracting company with a unique local service model designed to keep co-workers close to home and support career growth. Strong teams are built to create exceptional customer service in each of our towns. Lithko becomes part of the community through our involvement and by the durable concrete structures our teams help create.

Lithko's comprehensive, in-depth planning and highly precise execution make our local teams ideal partners to deliver on customer expectations.

Key Facts

Established: 1991
Employees: 2700
Type: Specialty Contractor - Concrete
Markets: North America
Headquarters: Liberty Township, OH
Total Revenue: $450 Million


Why Lithko Contracting is a Great Place to Work

Lithko offers exciting concrete job opportunities and attractive rewards throughout the country in a pro-family, people-first concrete construction company.

Because we are growing rapidly across multiple cities, and promoting from within, roles constantly open up at all levels, from business unit leader, operations, project and craft level positions.

Current open jobs

    • Nashville, TN: Field Lead (General Foreman/Concrete Assistant Superintendent) - Apply
    • Nashville, TN: Field Engineer - Apply
    • Nashville, TN: Project Lead/Concrete Superintendent - Apply

Building Safely

At Lithko, we don't believe that safety is just extra planning or an extra step in the execution process. Safety is integrated into our project planning and execution to ensure co-worker safety is a priority.

Working safely is a mindset we establish with our culture of engagement and accountability. We accomplish this by making safety fundamental to everything we do, from our initial bid all the way to our morning project meetings. We know that people are our most valuable asset, so we plan and execute our work to get them home safe.


We don’t see training as just a formality for our co-workers. We view training as a way to engage our teams in quality discussions about how we will execute our work safely. That is why we invest time and effort to make trainings that fit real world examples and include details that resonate with the people actually performing the hard work in the field.

One example of how we demonstrate this is through our Operational Activity Trainings (OATs). Most companies use standard toolbox talks to meet jobsite safety requirements. We created Lithko specific trainings to be used on-site to help leaders discuss real hazards that pertain to the work they are actually doing.

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