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News is breaking in the built world every day, whether it's an innovative new project breaking ground or a new product announcement. But no news is helpful unless it's in context. Enter the BuiltWorlds Analyst Briefings. Each week, one of our Analysts will produce a short, detailed story covering the most important and exciting developments. Our goal is the help our readers figure out how the day's news actually affects them and their business. Short, punchy, and easy-to-read, the Analysts Briefings are not breaking the news. Instead, they contextualize what's happening in the built world, and parse out why what's happening is important and what sort of impact it will have.

BIM for all! Assemble offers free student licenses

June 13, 2015

Aspiring AEC students on summer break take note. Houston-based Assemble
Systems announced June 11 that it will give students and teachers a
complimentary head start on learning its BIM software.

Fab 50 VR options for the AEC space

June 1, 2015

VR has come a long way from its novelty days in shopping malls 20
years ago. Flash forward to today where vendors are flooding the AEC
industry with a smorgasbord of VR options. Here, VIATechnik takes a snap
shot of current options to help us all keep track.


Urban lessons offer second chance at natural harmony

May 27, 2015

The industrial city evolved in opposition to nature. But today, as existing
infrastructure requires replacement and demographics predict a crowded
urban future, we now have the opportunity to create a city in harmony with
nature. Here, architect Peter Ellis previews his June 4 talk at BW
on “Restructuring American Cities”. 

Top 4 Handheld 3D Scanners

March 23, 2015

With both 3D handheld and just scanners, in general, currently have
a breakthrough year, we had to catch up with our friend and resident
authority on the subject, 3D Imaging Specialist and Industrial Engineer
at Studio MGI Christopher Wilkes for a well needed brain picking session.
 Check out the handheld scanners that most interested him.

Can modular construction solve NYC’s housing shortage?

February 23, 2015

Experts recently convened in NYC to tackle this question: Can modular
construction lower costs and utilize space efficiently enough to
‘solve housing’ in one of the world’s most crowded and expensive real
estate markets?

Demo Night dazzles in multiple dimensions

February 5, 2015

General contractors were out in strength last week, joining more than 100
other visitors from architects, subs, owners, and tech vendors who
flocked to BW to play with toys like DAQRI’s ‘Smart Helmet’ and IrisVR’s 3D

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