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News is breaking in the built world every day. Unfortunately, without data, objectivity, or effective curation, it mostly ends up as noise. Enter the BuiltWorlds Weekly Analyst Briefings. Each week, our Analysts break down an important topic with the goal of helping our members cut through the noise and truly get the information and the context they need to drive their businesses.

We cannot cover everything. So through our Verified Contributor Program, we empower our members, experts in their fields, to provide more and deeper analysis, and via our site, our members are able to customize and organize their feeds so they get the information they need the way they want.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Five Themes from BuiltWorlds’ Archives That Offers Clues About the Industry Five Years From Now.

May 21, 2020

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” – Bill Gates In order to be prepared for the change ahead and not be washed away by it, […]

Looking Beyond the Storm: How to Remain Competitive in the New Era of Construction

May 21, 2020

This article was contributed by Steena Chandler and Rusty Sherwood of FMI as part of the BuiltWorlds Verified Contributor Program. View FMI’s last VCP post by clicking here, or visit FMI’s Company Directory Page to learn more. In a span of mere weeks, the coronavirus has swept across the United States […]

Is the Built Worlds Technology Expansion Over? If this Company is an Indicator, It Might Just Be Getting Started

May 15, 2020

With recent Built World IPOs in question and the COVID-19 crisis gripping the industry and the broader economy, some are asking if the great expansion in Built World tech witnessed in the past decade is at an end. To answer this question, we looked back into our Venture archives and […]

The Technologization of Construction Project Quality Assurance

May 14, 2020

This is article was contributed by Andy Lambert, Group Program Manager, Milwaukee Tool as part of the Verified Contributor Program. Quality is at the center of every product we enjoy—labeled on everything from the jeans we wear to the beverages we consume. In order to connect with your customers on […]

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US Summit a Success: Project Delivery, Infrastructure, and Global Summit Up Next

May 10, 2020

With the success of our BuiltWorlds Digital US Summit last week, we are looking forward to moving ahead with three more outstanding digital events where our members can continue to learn and connect. In 2014, we started our journey via digital and social media, and we are excited to be […]

Building Resiliency Through Support: How Construction Firms Can Take Care of Their Employees

May 7, 2020

This article was contributed by Grace Ellis, Editor in Chief, Autodesk as part of the BuiltWorlds Verified Contributor Program. We all know that having a foundation and solid structural support while building is critical. Without internal reinforcement, a structure can be compromised by outside factors such as winds and earthquakes. […]

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