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News is breaking in the built world every day, whether it's an innovative new project breaking ground or a new product announcement. But no news is helpful unless it's in context. Enter the BuiltWorlds Analyst Briefings. Each week, one of our Analysts will produce a short, detailed story covering the most important and exciting developments. Our goal is the help our readers figure out how the day's news actually affects them and their business. Short, punchy, and easy-to-read, the Analysts Briefings are not breaking the news. Instead, they contextualize what's happening in the built world, and parse out why what's happening is important and what sort of impact it will have.

Ordering Concrete? Here’s what to ask your dispatcher

February 5, 2016

When your project involves concrete, so much of your success hinges on
scheduling. Factors such as mix type, amount, delivery times, etc., all are
critical to your order. Here, Tim Ozinga suggests how best to use your

Evolving BIM Tech Is Disrupting The Market

February 3, 2016

Assemble Systems’ CEO Howard Davis looks back on 2015 as the year his
company really hit its BIM groove.┬áHere, he reviews the year’s
accomplishments and looks ahead toward an expected period of anticipated
growth in BIM use.

WATCH: An Epic Tale of How Secret Teamwork Saved Lives, in 1978

January 2, 2016

A final holiday treat before heading back to work on Monday. Sit back,
relax and learn how a curious engineering student in 1978 discovered a
design flaw that required feverish emergency repairs to make safe an iconic
new NYC tower.

What if We Could Automate BIM? Startup Eyes Process Breakthrough

November 30, 2015

Despite the apparent spread and popularity of BIM, many firms still see its
use as too costly and time-intensive to realize the benefits. One San
Francisco-based startup, BuildingSP, believes algorithms can change the

Dodge Data, isqft square off in federal antitrust suit

November 12, 2015

From the Bible and Darwin to Shakespeare and The Lion King, the story of
young cubs angling to take down the aging patriarch is as familiar on stage
and screen as it is in corner offices and courtrooms. And now, industry
eyes are on Ohio.

Hype no more, Hyperloop to break ground in California

November 3, 2015

“Beam me up, Scotty?” Transporters? Teleportation? If HTT’s Gresta &
Ahlborn are to be believed, the mythic Hyperloop will soon come to life.
Yes, the game is afoot, teams have formed, and now work on a test track is
about to start.

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