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The Workplace: Design, Community, and Retention

 Open plans, recreational spaces, breakout rooms of varying size, and other amenities are all new options available to employees.  At the same time, a new generation of employees is expressing a greater interest in living in dense urban areas rather than in the suburbs.

Restructuring American Cities with Peter Ellis

By way of India, visionary architect Peter Ellis presents his view for a better city infrastructure.

Why is Graycor Pulling Brand New Tools from their Jobsites?

Throughout this season on Safe insight, we’ve looked how tool manufacturers and tech mavericks are producing safer tools for those on the jobsite. On this episode, we spend time with industrial contractor, Graycor, as they push a new initiative to develop safer tools in collaboration with manufacturers and peer companies in construction.

How Architect Francine Houben Combines Environment, Function, and Usability in Building Design

In collaboration with The Chicago Architecture Foundation, we explored the architectural practice of Mecanoo through the perspective of the firm’s founder, Francine Houben.

Managing Risks with Infrastructure Projects

Aon’s Associate Director of Global Construction and Infrastructure, Jessica Platko navigates us through the choppy waters when it comes to the risk management associated with large infrastructure projects with multiple stakeholders.

One on One with Roger Krulak

At our first Summit, we had the chance to go mano y mano with the infamous modular superstar CEO Roger Krulak from FullStack.