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How Data Improves Results for Leasing and Asset Management

Here, we explored how the increasingly digital way of doing things has influenced leasing and asset management in the commercial real estate world.

Disrupt the Construction Industry

Don’t just watch the industry change. Be a key part of the disruption. Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik Founder and President, urges industry stakeholders to be the ones that create and inspire progress in productivity, efficiency, and more.

The Future of Building Things

Inspiring the next generation of women in construction through STEM

During this panel from our first Future Workforce panel, we examined some of the initiatives that are currently underway to support a more diverse workforce and also to create opportunities to learn how to code and contribute to the changing industry.

How to Manage the Big Data Around Us

How master city planner Phil Enquist approaches responsible urban design

Phil Enquist resides at the vanguard of city planning. At our Cities conference, he delved into the planning and development of China’s Chongming city and SOM’s approach to the ecology of a city.