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Innovations in Infrastructure

As the projects we build become more ambitious in scale, form, and level of complexity, engineers face new challenges to make those forms a reality. This often involves innovative design, detailing, and fabrication solutions.

Building the Future of Construction: Project 2020 with Bechtel’s David Wilson

David serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel where he manages Bechtel’s Future Fund, a program designed to encourage colleagues across the company to create, share, explore and develop new ideas to enhance performance and competitiveness. He spoke on a wide range of topics that are changing the way we build now and tomorrow.

How the Internet of Things Drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution

From self-monitoring elevators to the genesis of the film industry, Rahul Garg, U.S. Commercial Lead for Microsoft talks about how the Internet of Things illustrates how the fourth industrial revolution.

Labor Shortage, Surplus, and Community Development Programs

In recent years, the demand has been so great that training programs have had a difficult time keeping up. At the same time, the concern exists that downturns will lead oversupply of labor and will result in people leaving the field.

Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation: Tom Scarangello

CEO of Thornton Tomasetti, Tom Scarangello keynotes the final day of the BuiltWorlds Summit. The head of the structural engineering firm discussed the Shed in NYC, Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower, US Bank Stadium, and the changing landscape of technology in the built world.

The Workplace: Design, Community, and Retention

 Open plans, recreational spaces, breakout rooms of varying size, and other amenities are all new options available to employees.  At the same time, a new generation of employees is expressing a greater interest in living in dense urban areas rather than in the suburbs.