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Analyst Calls & Session Videos

Analyst Calls are BuiltWorlds webinars bringing expert individuals within our network straight to your computer. Engage with upcoming speakers and thought leaders while gaining insights on pressing tech trends in the built industries. These 1-hour webinars and conference panel sessions are a great way for your team to take full advantage of your BuiltWorlds Membership without leaving the office.

Recap | Mobile Apps + Construction

“There’s an app for that!” We’ve all heard that term, and Apple even tried to trademark the phrase five years ago. But today, the relentless proliferation of mobile application software continues unabated in virtually every industry.

Divvy | BW Sessions

Leading up to our Future Mobility event, BuiltWorlds’ Director of Marketing, Ian Manger sat down with Elliott and Sean Wiedel at Divvy Headquarters for a BW for a BW Session.

Tomorrow’s Transportation – Future Mobility Teaser | SmartWorlds

The words “aging” and “infrastructure” have been joined at the hip for more than 25 years now, but according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. still needs to invest 3.6 trillion by 2020 if a
national crisis is to be averted.

BuiltWorlds at Techweek Chicago 2015

BuiltWorlds checked out Techweek Chicago 2015 at the Merchandise Mart between June 22-28. The hottest tech companies represented themselves on the floor as BW presented their Tech Toy Chest.

Restructuring American Cities with Peter Ellis | SmartWorlds

To kick off our SmartWorlds effort, renowned architect and international urban planner Peter Ellis answered a few pressing questions. Later that evening, Peter’s presentation drew on his recent work designing an entire
city from scratch in India and applying lessons learned there to the re-imagining of America’s metropolises.

John Tolva | AEC Hackathon 2015

During our AEC Hackathon, we sat down with two advisors on our SmartWolrds initiative, Paul Doherty, CEO, The Digit Group and John Tolva, President, PositivEnergy Practice. Our conversation ranged from the current state of affairs in urban planning to forecasting to what role IoT may play in the cities of tomorrow.