The BuiltWorlds Member Network


An exclusive group of leading companies, startups, and thought leaders from across the built world.

It’s true now as much as ever, relationships are what matter in business.  That’s why we created The BuiltWorlds Member Network — an exclusive group of leading companies, startups, and thought leaders who are committed to innovation.

Inside our Member Network, you will:

  • Meet and get connected with focused forward-thinking senior leaders from across the built industry
  • Get in front of potential customers, find investors, or get connected to promising startups through access to all BuiltWorlds events
  • Learn about emerging trends and technologies and test out new ideas with a safe and trusted community.
  • Get access to our data-driven research reports forecasting the future of the industry.


BuiltWorlds is playing a huge role in connecting technology with the broader built industry. And this community that you’ve managed to bring together is an incredible resource.

— Lauren Lake, Structural Engineer and Co-Founder of Bridgit


You’re creating an environment where people can exchange ideas and information, connect and network, and be able to advance the industry.”

— Nancy B., Assemble Systems

Get connected to the people that matter.

We hear it constantly at our events.

“It’s the people in the room that make your events special.”

Comprised almost entirely of senior leaders from across the industry, our Member Network doesn’t boast the largest group of industry folks. But it certainly boasts the most powerful.

It’s a group of experienced trailblazers who can help you: solve major business pain points, make strategic connections, and keep you educated on important industry trends.

Some of our Members come from the following companies:

and dozens more.

We attract the industry’s emerging tech leaders

From a broad cross-section of people like KP Reddy, serial AEC entrepreneur and founder of The Combine, Paul Doherty, President & CEO, The Digit Group, Rahul Garg, US IoT Lead, Microsoft, and Andrew Witt, founder and CEO, Certain Measures, the BuiltWorlds ecosystem is loaded with emerging tech leaders at the forefront of innovation.

Case Study: A Match Made at BuiltWorlds

Startup Cuts Deal With Large Mechanical Contractor

The following was an email sent from Zach Sheel, CEO, Rhumbix, to our co-founder Matt Abeles:

“I’m mid-air right now flying back from Toronto, where I was meeting with Chris Ovens at Modern Niagara, the largest mechanical contractor in Canada. I wanted to see if there’d be an opportunity to do a joint presentation with Chris at the Summit. The first time Chris heard of Rhumbix was at the CEO Tech Forum last year. In the months following the Tech Forum he reached out to me, we launched a pilot with Modern Niagara, and we’ve since entered into a three-year contract as well as a co-development agreement, where they’re providing invaluable feedback to help us build out our platform.”

Read more case studies on how built companies are using the BuiltWorlds Member Network to innovate, find funding, and build strategic relationships.

Click here for Case Studies

Ready to get connected to the people who can transform your business?

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What’s included?

Network Membership $3,500 annually


  • 16 Tickets to BuiltWorlds Events.
  • 50% Off of a BuiltWorlds Summit Ticket
  • Access to all Research Briefs (covering built tech trends)
  • Member Network Newsletter
  • BuiltWorlds’ Webinars
  • Three Career Postings on BuiltWorlds Job Board
  • Premium Directory Page
  • Access to member login state on website (coming soon!)
  • Invitation to Participate in the Annual Hackathon
  • 20% off of all Premium Offerings


Startup/Small Business Membership $750 annually


  • Fewer than 10 employees, less than $500k annual revenue,
       and no institutional funding.
  • If the company is in architecture, engineering, or construction,
        it may have up to $25 million in revenue.


  • 8 Tickets to BuiltWorlds Events. Pooled tickets to
        use however you’d like!
  • 50% Off of a BuiltWorlds Summit Ticket
  • Network Newsletter
  • Three Career Postings
  • Premium Directory Page
  • Access to member login state on website (coming soon!)
  • Invitation to Participate in the Annual Hackathon
* For more details on these individual offerings (Premium Directory Page, Hackathon, BuiltWorlds Summit, Webinars, etc.)
Email for more info.

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