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When we started BuiltWorlds in 2014, we had one mission:

Be the catalyst for progress and innovation in the built industry

Over those three years, we published more than 1,000+ pieces of original content, hosted 50+ events across the country, and in the process, created the largest community of forward-thinking leaders in the AEC world.

We didn't do this alone.

Along the way, we partnered with industry companies to help us build out a robust community devoted solely for professionals of the built worlds.

Today, your company take an integral role in the BuiltWorlds Community and the future of the industry by becoming a Partner.

Take a stake in the major conversations happening around the industry

Companies look to BuiltWorlds for the chance to boost brand exposure, to speak to and build a real relationship with their target audience and our community.

By becoming a BuiltWorlds Partner, you get access to that platform. You get the chance to start and feed the conversations driving the future of the industry.

Are you looking for:

  • A Multi-Channel Platform to engage and start new conversations with your target audience?
  • More Reach? Through our email newsletter (reaches 70,000+), social media promotion, and hundreds of in-person event attendees, you’ll have a chance to reach tens of thousands of engaged built industry professionals with a Partnership.
  • Ways to Gain Key insights About Your Product & Brand? Becoming a Partner is a way for you to build a real relationship with your target audience, where you can get important feedback about your brand, products, and what you can do right now to gain more market share.
  • A Chance to Educate and Influence the Future of the Industry? All Partnerships involve educational components unmatched by other industry organizations. We bring in respected thought leaders to educate industry professionals about what's reallyhappening around the built industry

If so, you'll want to consider becoming a Partner. 



  • Curated Speaking Opportunities and Content Features. When our events team is programming speakers for our next big event, or when our content creators need experts to weigh in on features for articles and videos, we first turn to Partners. We work closely with each Partner to curate the right speaking opportunities and features that give you the ideal platform to share your story.
  • BuiltWorlds Premium Directory Page. A landing page that's hosts all of your company’s story, it’s latest initiatives, press mentions and more...It's the heart of your presence in the BuiltWorlds community.
  • 20% off all BuiltWorlds Premium Offerings. Our premium offerings are what give your company a unique marketing advantage over the competition. They include sponsored written content, custom video, events sponsorships, website advertising, and more.
  • Dedicated Partner Executive. This is your dedicated account manager who will personally guide you through your BuiltWorlds experience, helping you find the best opportunities within our community to accomplish your goals.
  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to BuiltWorlds Events (plus 20% off additional tickets). Each year, we host over 30 industry events across the country. Partners get two free tickets to each event (excluding our Summit Conference) and 20% off any additional tickets.
  • Facilitated Personal Connections. One of the most valuable resources we offer is the ability to tap into our Partner Network and make meaningful personal introductions. If there's a potential thought leader, investor, or community member who'd you like to meet, you let us know and we'll curate the appropriate way to connect you.
  • Exclusive Monthly Partner Email. The email newsletter with the latest BuiltWorlds news and exclusives. You’ll have first dibs on upcoming events, what content our readers are engaged with, sponsorship opportunities and more.
  • Access to BuiltWorlds' CareersLooking to find and hire the talent to power your business? BuiltWorlds Careers has you covered. Enjoy three free job postings on our industry leading job board to start.

Partnership Levels

Startup Partner

As a startup or small business, we get that it’s hard to find opportunities to get your message out to a large audience or meet the right people who can help grow your business.

We give early-stage companies a platform to voice who they are to the community through engaging written or video content, speaking opportunities at events, and to meet leaders from around the industry (including VC’s).

Interested in learning more? Check out a few Startup Case Studies.

Supporting Partner

A Supporting Partnership is your entry point to BuiltWorlds Partnerships.

It allows your company to level-up its marketing and branding by tapping into BuiltWorlds Premium Offerings, curated opportunities to be featured in written/video content and speaking opportunities at events, and facilitated networking opportunities.

This is our most popular partnership level.

Topic Partner

Is there a particular topic within the industry where your company is looking to be front and center of the conversation (i.e. drones, design, project management, tools)?

A Topic Partnership allows your company to lead a discussion within our community. 

Topic Partners work closely with their Partner Executive on monthly strategy calls to find creative ways to tell your story, engage with potential customers, and position your company as an authority in your target market.

In addition to your Supporting Partnership, Topic partners get extra features, like:

  • Square ad on topic related web pages
  • Premier Sponsorship at one BW Conference that fits your topic - includes a booth, speaking opportunity and list of attendees
  • 1 free ticket to the BuiltWorlds Summit
  • Sponsorship of BW Summit discussion for your channel
  • BuiltWorlds Session Video - Example

For more info about how to get started as a Channel Partner, email partnerships@builtworlds.com

Catalyzing Partner

For the built industry company who wants to play a crucial role in not only underwriting our community but also wants to be a key participant in the global discussion happening around the industry.

They desire to have their finger on the pulse of the industry. To gain key market insights that will allow them to intelligently adapt and help empower the entire built industry to build smarter and more effectively.

Catalyzing Partners get the full enchilada of features, including:

  • Company logo on front page of website and in all BuiltWorlds Email Newsletters
  • BuiltWorlds Session Video - Example
  • 1 free ticket to the BuiltWorlds
  • Premier Sponsorship of BuiltWorlds Summit
  • Complimentary Invitations to all BuiltWorlds Events

To learn more about a Catalyzing Partnership, please contact partnerships@builtworlds.com

How it works. Is partnership a pay to play thing?

To put it bluntly, no.

Readers come to BuiltWorlds because they trust us to bring them relevant and insightful information. In other words, good content comes first for us always.

So we want to make it clear here: Partnership never guarantees placement in an event, a video, or story, but it does guarantee priority consideration.

Partners trust our team to find the best places for them to be inserted into the conversation in a way that is going to feel good for our community and ultimately work best for them.

BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.

— Steve Crowley, Graycor

Change is not a one-man or one-organization show. It really takes collaboration...that’s how we’re going to revolutionize this industry.

— David Wilts, Associate Principal, Arup



Caterpillar finds a major security solution through a BuiltWorlds talk

Carter K., Founder and CEO of SoloInsight, a sensor security software, presented on a technology coffee talk to CAT (a preferred speaking opportunity that comes with membership). The CAT leaders loved Solo’s presentation and were contacted afterwards by the CAT ventures and innovation teams. After many meetings, SoloInsight’s product has been approved for beta testing at CAT.

Read more case studies on how built companies are using the BuiltWorlds Member Network to innovate, find funding, and build strategic relationships.

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