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Project Management Software

Out of the many business solutions, project management software is one category with seemingly endless options. What should you consider? What questions should your team be asking? How do you pick the right solution to invest in?

We talked to 13 different project management solutions — from niche products to full enterprise software — and sourced out some of the best options in today's market today.

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Drones / UAVs

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are quickly shaping up as the built industry’s can’t-live-without, next generation of tools. But not every contractor needs a full in-house team of pilots. And not every sub wants to own their own drone. With so many UAV solutions out there — what questions should firms be asking themselves when evaluating the software, hardware, and professional services out there?

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  • Training/Certifications/Education
  • Sales/Marketing Software
  • Jobsite Gear/Wearables
  • ...and more!

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