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How companies are using the BuiltWorlds Member Network to level-up their business.  

User-friendly FM platform is perfect match for Alternative Fuel Processing Facility

Through an introduction at a BuiltWorlds event, Site 1001, developer of a smart facilities management platform, met Gilbane, one of the largest privately-held, family-owned construction and real estate development firms. At the time, Gilbane’s Facilities Services Management team was working with a client that builds state-of-the-art alternative fuel processing facilities. One of Gilbane’s goals was to assist the client in identifying an FM platform that would meet their requirements for managing the maintenance of their business critical processing plant. The solution needed to have a simplified user interface, be easy to use, and be rapidly deployed. Through Gilbane, Site 1001 was connected to the customer who has since selected Site 1001 and is currently onboarding the solution. Site 1001 will be training Gilbane’s Facilities Services Management team to become a Value Added Reseller of the product so that they can offer the Site 1001 platform as part of their operations and maintenance solutions set.

Startup Cuts Deal With Large Mechanical Contractor

The following was an email sent from Zach Sheel, CEO, Rhumbix, to our co-founder Matt Abeles:

I’m mid-air right now flying back from Toronto, where I was meeting with Chris Ovens at Modern Niagara, the largest mechanical contractor in Canada. I wanted to see if there’d be an opportunity to do a joint presentation with Chris at the Summit. The first time Chris heard of Rhumbix was at the CEO Tech Forum last year. In the months following the Tech Forum he reached out to me, we launched a pilot with Modern Niagara, and we’ve since entered into a three year contract as well as a co-development agreement, where they’re providing invaluable feedback to help us build out our platform.

Caterpillar Finds a Major Security Solution Through a BuiltWorlds Talk



Carter K., Founder and CEO of SoloInsight, a sensor security software, presented on a technology coffee talk to Caterpillar (coffee talks are a preferred speaking opportunity that comes with membership). Leaders from Caterpillar loved Solo’s presentation and were contacted afterwards by the Caterpillar innovation team. After many meetings, SoloInsight’s product has been approved for beta testing at Caterpillar.

Startup Finds VC Investment



BuiltWorlds met Iris VR at the University of Washington Hackathon in Sept 2014. They immediately came on as a startup member and had one goal: funding. BuiltWorlds made the introduction to the largest VC in Chicago, Pritzker Group, and Pritzker subsequently invested $10M in Iris.

Capital Construction Solutions Meets Procore and gets added to Procore App Marketplace



Through a facilitated introduction by another BuiltWorlds member, Capital Construction Solutions started talks with Procore to join their app marketplace team. This additional exposure (Procore reaches over 1.5 million users), gave their app new life. Since then, Capital Construction Solutions has raised money, grown their team substantially, and are an exclusive app in the Procore app marketplace.

What are people saying about BuiltWorlds?

BuiltWorlds is playing a huge role in connecting technology with the broader built industry. And this community that you’ve managed to bring together is an incredible resource.

— Lauren Lake, Structural Engineer & Co-Founder of Bridgit


Let me keep it simple. Builtworlds hosts great events.

— Andrew Dennison, Uplift Data Partners

BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.

— Steve Crowley, Graycor

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