Maverick Awards

Introducing the Maverick Awards

Rebellious. Disruptive. Nonconformist.
Not afraid to take “an independent stand” in hope for a better world.

That’s how the dictionary defines a Maverick.

They are entrepreneurs, inventors, revolutionary leaders in a class of their own. This should conjure visions of Edison. Bezos. Einstein. Branson. The list goes on.

An example. A few years back, the state of California announced billions to be spent on a new high-speed rail system and a man stands up and proclaims that approach to be a waste and outmoded and offers a vision for a better way with Hyperloop. People laughed and cited a million reasons why it won’t work and argued that he’s distracting from the real project. Three years later, suddenly Elon Musk’s vision seems less preposterous.

Who are the Mavericks that have revolutionized our cities, buildings, and infrastructure?

There are mountains of top leader lists and awards in the industry for people who’ve built an impressive resume or have had a strong impact. But seemingly none for the true disruptors and game-changers.

This year at BuiltWorlds, we’ve decided to honor the Mavericks. It’s a list that we’ll curate ourselves, but we’re also currently accepting nominations from our network.

The Maverick Awards 2018

So, here it is: our list of 25 Mavericks that either, have revolutionized, or are revolutionizing, our cities, buildings, and infrastructure. We’ve received incredible nominations from all over AEC/RE, proving that there are many exceptional leaders in our industry. This list is a collection of the most exceptional, most unconventional, and most trailblazing among them.

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The winners of the 2018 Maverick awards were announced at the BuiltWorlds Summit 2018.

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