About ALICE Technologies

Introducing ArtificiaL Intelligence Construction Engineering, or ALICE for short.

ALICE uses artificial intelligence to help you generate and explore millions of fully resource-loaded 4D construction schedules in a little as a day — using just a 3D model.

Use your construction know-how to teach ALICE simple rules for how your projects should be built. Try a new sequence, double the crews available, increase material cost, or add cranes — in the middle of construction, or before you ever place a bid. Because ALICE is parametric, you can answer these “What if?” scenarios and completely reschedule in minutes instead of months.

Construction changes over time, and leaders in the construction industry rely on ALICE to help them quickly discover, refresh, and compare optimal approaches for each project and portfolio based on their goals.

ALICE is for project owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, construction insurance professionals, consultants, and more. Start making better decisions, faster – using ALICE.

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