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CostCertified is a platform that connects the consumer, contractor and subcontractor throughout the entire construction process with trust and efficiency built-in.

We’ve reinvented quotes for the contractor so that they are able to provide accurate quotes in minutes instead of hours. And the quote that is sent to the consumer is an online, interactive proposal that allows the consumer to upgrade, downgrade, and add optional items while the price changes in real-time.

Our technology enables payment visibility and facilitation so that the consumer is protected and everyone gets paid instantly upon task/job completion.

The benefits the contractor receives are as follows:

1. Booking percentage on average goes up from 37% to 53%
2. Quoting time on average has gone from over 45 minutes to under 7 minutes
3. Profit margins have increased by 7%

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Construction Management, Data Analytics, Estimating, Project Management, Software

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