About Key Construction

Starting from the tailgate of their Ford Falcon in 1978, Key Construction founders Ken and Dave Wells worked diligently to build a solid company. The greatest contributor to their success was the realization that every relationship provided the opportunity to solidify Key’s reputation as a quality contractor. Ken and Dave both realized in order to build lasting relationships, projects not only had to be delivered on time and on budget, but with quality workmanship and honest values.

Key Construction is licensed and has performed work in over 35 states nationwide. We do not specialize in only one type of construction. Instead we focus in four areas: Commercial, Retail, Medical and Industrial. This diversity increases our overall construction knowledge and practices while allowing company individuals to specialize in each area of work and maximize the Owners dollar per project needs.

The structure of Key Construction has not only allowed us to become a contractor of choice for many Owners but a respected partner in lifetime relationships. Building long-term relationships with regional and national firms has always been a Key Construction trademark.

We build a lot of things. But mosty, we build relationships.


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