Contributor Program

Do you have insights to share with the BuiltWorlds Network?

Introducing the BuiltWorlds Contributor Program, where our members can help keep the community in the loop and well informed and also brandish their own professional credentials by getting their white papers, blog posts, and articles in front of our influential, engaged, and forward thinking community.


  • As a contributor, you must be a registered BuiltWorlds user, and your company must be in the Member Network with an active, completed profile page.
  • All content must come from a named individual; no anonymous submissions will be accepted, and no content written by a PR or marketing department will be accepted
  • All submitted content will be subject to review by a BuiltWorlds analyst to deem whether it will be published as a contributor article on BuiltWorlds’ website; we will not edit pieces
  • All content will be free of factual errors, misinformation, and obscenity
  • All content will be void of company advertisements, pitches, or brand-centric material
  • All content should include appropriate photos and headshots of authors
  • All content must be an original work and/or owned by the submitting entities


How it works

  • You submit your content
  • BuiltWorlds’ team of analysts reviews the content and determines whether to publish based on its overall quality and how it fits into our guidelines
  • BuiltWorlds will only play the role of curation. Curation means we determine if the piece will be placed on our website, where it appropriately fits within our site, and how our network gets notified
  • The content will either be:
    • Approved to be published in the Contributor Section or…
    • Will not be approved for publish in the Contributor Section. If the content is denied, you are always welcome to post the piece on your company’s profile page (Members Only)
  • Author of content approved and posted will receive credit as the author and reference to the author’s profile page and Company Profile Page will be linked to the post.
  • Certain content will be shared to BuiltWorlds’ audience via its newsletters, social media feeds, and elsewhere as appropriate and as determined by the Builtworlds Analysts team.

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