Alysha Khan

What they do: Marketing Coordinator
Where they do it: BuiltWorlds
How they contribute: BuiltWorlds Staff

Alysha Khan is a marketing and communications professional with a jack-of-all-trades skill set and the hustle to get stuff done.

As Marketing Coordinator, Alysha is primarily responsible for marketing BuiltWorlds’ Signature Events and Conferences as well as helping manage the BuiltWorlds Member Network. She also moonlights as the company’s unofficial newsletter copy editor, chief creator of baked goodies, and her car has been affectionately dubbed the BuiltWorlds-mobile.

Prior to joining BuiltWorlds, Alysha received a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and served as the Communications Director for a boutique commodities brokerage firm.

A Southern transplant to the Windy City, Alysha spends her free time snuggling cats at the local animal shelter, experimenting with new recipes (and sometimes succeeding), trying to read books before the movie comes out and wrecking her forearms at the neighborhood bouldering gym. She has learned to survive Midwest winters but will always remain a Floridian at heart, no matter what weird nonsense goes down in her home state.

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