Benet Haller

What they do: Transit Manager
Where they do it: Cook County, Department of Transportation and Highways
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Benet has lived in Chicago for more than 30 years, starting with his undergraduate years at the University of Chicago and extending to the present day as Transit Manager for the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways. In between, he earned Masters Degrees in Urban Planning and Policy from UIC and in Geography and Environmental Studies from Northeastern Illinois University, worked for Teska Associates for more than 3 years and for the City of Chicago in the Department of Planning and Development for nearly 20 years. While at the city he led all major planning studies for more than 10 years as well as heading design review, coordinating with regional planning agencies and hosting visits from international delegations. Notable planning studies created during his tenure with the city include: the 2009 Central Area Action Plan, the 2013 Chicago Sustainable Industries Plan, the 2013 Transit Friendly Development Guide and the 2014 Metra Typology Study.