Brian Ahmes

What they do: Co-Founder
Where they do it: Parafin
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Currently, Brian is the COO and Co-Founder of Parafin, Inc., a SaaS for real estate developers to quickly test fit and identify viable sites. Parafin solves the lengthy, complex, and costly pre-development process by rapidly generating optimized building designs, budgets, and financial models for real estate developers. 

Previously, Brian Co-Founded H.ME, and raised $1.3M from Hyatt Hotels Corporation to deliver a new way to stay and work while traveling for business and leisure with both the Collide and C-Suites Brands. 

After earning a Masters of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, Brian started his career in Dallas, TX with HKS architects and co-founded the HKS LINE studio, which focused on advanced computational design tools and applications within the international firm. At HKS, Brian won a combined 7 design awards from the AIA, World Architecture News and Healthcare Design.