Brian Gaudio

What they do: CEO
Where they do it: Module
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Brian is co-founder and CEO of Module, a Pittsburgh-based design and technology company. Through Module, Brian and his team are redesigning homeownership to be more sustainable and accessible in the 21st century. Module’s design platform and construction tech enables homebuilders to provide an affordable and flexible entrypoint for homeownership. This pay-as-you-go approach to housing gives homebuyers the right amount of space at the right time.

Trained as an architect, Brian worked in the Blue Sky Department at Walt Disney Imagineering developing new ride concepts for the Disney Parks. He left Disney to work on affordable housing post-Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi. Brian was also a Fulbright Scholar, leading an urban design research initiative in the Dominican Republic. In 2016 Brian co-directed “Within Formal Cities” a feature length documentary about the global housing crisis, which has since screened in over 20 cities across the globe.