Emma Hendry

What they do: CEO
Where they do it: Hendry
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Emma Hendry, Hendry CEO is an experienced executive driven by a goal to create safe and sustainable communities. With a double bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Economics, Emma has held executive finance and operations roles within Hendry. During her transition to CEO, Emma commenced a Masters-level Diploma in Financial Strategy at Said Oxford Business School, Oxford. She graduated with an Executive MBA with distinction. Emma is driven by innovation and finding ‘better, smarter ways’. Under her leadership Hendry continues to lead the built-form advisory industry with innovative solutions and new technology. Championing collaborative, solution-driven operations has led Emma to implement projects and partnerships with universities, research institutions and other commercial entities. As CEO Emma has achieved recognition of Hendry, in 2018 Ranking 53rd in the Prestigious AFR Top 100 Most Innovative Companies List, as well as recently being named CEO Magazine Finalist for Building & Construction Executive of the Year & awarded IML Emerging Leader of the Year. As a female CEO in a male-dominated industry she is an active role-model, and passionate about promoting diversity, with a focus on supporting women to pursue leadership roles. Emma Hendry is an active keynote speaker