Hussein Cholkamy

What they do: Co-Founder & COO
Where they do it: Eyrus
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

As a Co-founder and COO of Eyrus, Hussein brings over 20 years of global experience in real estate development, construction and design.  His dynamic understanding of construction projects and their complexities today, along with his experience in business development and operations has paved the way for the success of Eyrus in today’s market.

Prior to joining Eyrus, Hussein spent the first ten years of his career as an architect after obtaining his bachelor’s in architecture from the University of Arizona. He then crossed into real estate development and project management on a global level for the following 10 years after achieving his MBA from George Washington University.

Today, with Hussein’s leadership and collective project cycle experience, Eyrus continues to improve construction productivity, increase efficiencies on and off site, and deliver transparency to the industry.