Jamie Roche

What they do: CEO
Where they do it: Helix
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

James Roche is the CEO of HELIX RE, Inc. the first company launched from Google X. HELIX is working with a handful of the world’s most admired real estate tenants and owner/operators to radically reduce the effort to create digital versions of buildings. Jamie holds an architecture degree from Yale University and has built a career helping industries adapt to revolutionary technology.

Jamie started as a member of an airport planning team at KPMG and was a member of the first “class” of designers using CAD to transform architecture. Jamie next worked at 3D technology innovators Evans + Sutherland and Silicon Graphics (SGI) where he was introduced to the Internet by Jim Clark, the founder of Netscape. Jamie subsequently founded Fort Point Partners, delivering ecommerce solutions to Nike, Best Buy and many others. After Fort Point, Jamie was a founder and CEO of Offermatica (Adobe Target).

Jamie became CEO of Flux Factory Inc. (now HELIX RE) in 2016 and reoriented the company toward the real estate industry.

Jamie Roche is a featured speaker at our 2019 Summit.