Jed Levenstein

What they do: Director of Operations
Where they do it: BuiltWorlds
How they contribute: BuiltWorlds Staff

I have gained invaluable experience by starting and building businesses, networking, hiring and supervising employees, directing operations and participating in the sale of past companies. My background involves helping companies create internal structure, increasing revenue and building client relationships.

In 2008, I co-founded Kingsbury Clean, a “green”​ janitorial & distribution company that grew from the start-up stage to acquisition over a 4 year period as in 2012. Kingsbury Clean was sold to a competitor who wanted to add our client base and continue a strategy of growth by acquisition.

Shortly thereafter, I became the Director of Operations of The Brilliance Academy, and the sister company, Babbage Net School, which were for-profit educational companies that offered supplementary educational services (SES) for eligible K-12 students. The school districts were reimbursed by the Federal government under the No Child Left Behind legislation. There was concern that the funding would be curtailed due to educational budget cuts by the federal government so I transitioned to an affiliated company, Innovative Exams.

Innovative Exams provided the secure delivery of online testing services for “high-stakes” licensure & certification exams via strategically located kiosks and remote online proctoring. As the Director of Ops, I was responsible for overseeing all daily proceedings. In July 2015 Innovative Exams was acquired by an industry competitor, PSI Services.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Operations at BuiltWorlds. BuiltWorlds is a Professional Network for the built industries —Architecture/Design, Real Estate, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Government, Universities, Technology, among others — devoted to exploring, understanding, and driving innovation. Through our written/video content, community resource guide, events —local and national— and other interdisciplinary & educational initiatives, the BuiltWorlds’ strategy is to push the $7-trillion “Built industry” forward by stimulating dialogue, facilitating connections, reaching out to future generations, and promoting a deeper understanding of new and emerging tech applications and possibilities.