Jessica Rose Cooper

What they do: EVP, Delos Solutions & Dir. of Sustainability
Where they do it: Delos
How they contribute: Guest Speaker


A longtime member of the architecture and design industry, Jessica has experience in project management, design, and construction, as well as in developing and executing educational programs for the green building community. Currently at Delos as Executive Vice President leading the Delos Solutions group, Jessica’s work seeks to improve health and wellness through the spaces in which we live and work, while minimizing the impact on our natural environment. Before joining Delos Living, Jessica worked as Programs Manager at Urban Green Council where she was responsible for developing and executing educational programs for the green building communities of New York City, Westchester, and Rockland.
Jessica is one of the few Provisional WELL Accredited Professionals, having completed a 16-hour WELL training at the Cleveland Clinic in February 2015. Through her work at Delos, Jessica helps project teams around the world apply the WELL concepts to their projects. She has made many presentations to owners and building professionals about the value of WELL. In addition, Jessica has delivered several half-day sessions, which provided a technical WELL overview to architects, engineers, sustainability consultants, and contractors. As a co-presenter, Jessica has delivered two 8-hour WELL Workshops, including one as part of the Greenbuild 2015 Conference.
A LEED Accredited Professional since 2008, Jessica had maintained her Interior Design and Construction specialty until this past year. Jessica also holds a certificate in Green Professional Building Skills Training: Construction Management.
As Executive Vice President of Delos Solutions, Jessica is responsible for the following:

Propose health-related design solutions and wellness improvements specific to client projects and portfolios, advising on techniques to improve occupant health and wellness that fit within a project’s programmatic needs and project framework

Conduct in-depth discoveries of prospective client projects

Lead collaboration and communication with project clients, building consultants and contractors

Direct and oversee project progress towards WELL Certification under the WELL Building Standard®

Engage clients in pre- and post-occupancy evaluations on effects of strategies to improve Indoor Environmental Quality

Maintain quality control of programs

Finalize all project marketing material, evaluations, recommendations and documentation

Engage in Business Development efforts, including industry education and outreach

Participation in internal development of Delos Solutions and future programs

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