Jim Quanci

What they do: Senior Director, Forge Partner Development
Where they do it: Autodesk
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

With more than 30 years of engineering and design experience, Jim Quanci has spent the past 25 years developing relationships for Autodesk with leading technology partners around the world.  He oversees an international network of over 4000 software partners – ISVs, Consultants, and Autodesk customers – who customize, complement and extend Autodesk Cloud and Desktop technologies.  He is currently leading creation of a new cloud based ecosystem of partners leveraging Autodesk’s Forge web services Platform.

Prior to Autodesk, Jim worked at Sun Microsystems and General Electric.  With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in International Marketing, Jim is a frequent presenter and consultant to leading design and engineering software firms on software development technologies applied to design and engineering.