KP Reddy

What they do: Tech-Entrepreneur, Investor & Innovation Catalyst
Where they do it: Shadow Ventures
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Co-creating Companies with Technical Founders from Startups, Universities and Large Corporations. Highly sought after due to his candid counsel to both startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike, he has been requested by organizations such as IBM, Coca-Cola, UPS, Cox Communications and Autodesk.
K.P. has spoken at universities all over the U.S. including: Harvard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Emory, San Jose State, University of South Carolina, and Cleveland State.

According to Crystal Knows: “He is ambitious, critical, and moves quickly to make progress, but understands how to support others in the process.”

Innovative and witty, K.P. speaks to leaders with intriguing topics such as: Your Culture Sucks Because You Suck, Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate, Disruption Is Not A Marketing Campaign, Why You’re Not a CEO, Yet… and Why Every Recent Grad Should Work at a Startup.

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