Lisa Diaz

What they do: Founder & Managing Partner
Where they do it: Turf Advisory
How they contribute: Guest Speaker
Lisa Diaz is the founder and managing partner of Turf Advisory, a business development consulting firm that specializes in smart infrastructure solutions, transportation, water and the built space. She provides strategic council on go-to market strategies for clients ranging from global infrastructure funds and smart building software companies to construction and engineering firms and technology companies. She overseas business development for Turf and spearheads relationships with multinational clients in the financial services, technology, infrastructure, and real estate services industries to market their services and solutions.
Turf also advises public sector clients including Westchester County, Providence, Rhode Island and Atlantic City, New Jersey on smart technology solutions to improve the quality of city services. Specially Turf focuses on smart metering in transportation, lightning, water and garbage collection leveraging IoT technology to improve and enhance the consumer experience. Lisa manages Turf’s relationship with Philips Lighting, MPSParking and Rubicon Global among others.
Lisa Diaz is a senior advisor and board member to Smart Cities New York, a four-day event which convenes 2,100 attendees, including mayors, academics, innovators, community leaders, global entrepreneurs, and 300 cities from 30 countries to address the challenges and achieve the solutions to create smarter, safer and more resilient cities. Lisa speaks broadly on Smart Cities topics at forums as Cornell Tech, Buildworlds, FCWC Westchester Water Symposium.
Lisa Diaz was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs for 23 years where she managed key firmwide relationships among global hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and large mutual fund complexes.
Lisa Diaz also is board member for The Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon, The Barrow Group Theatre Company and School, and is a member of Women in Housing and Finance.