Raghi Iyengar

What they do: Founder & CEO
Where they do it: ManufactOn
How they contribute: Guest Speaker
Raghi Iyengar is founder and CEO of ManufactOn, which is bringing the best of manufacturing to construction. A construction technology professional for over 30 years, Raghi joined Intel Corporation in 1988 and spent a decade leading software initiatives to support construction, material supply chain, and facilities management for Intel’s worldwide manufacturing organization. While at Intel Raghi was technical advisor to the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University, where he funded research over a decade around virtual design and construction. Raghi joined Autodesk, Inc., in 2006 to bring building information modeling (BIM) into construction. As product line manager he led initiatives around construction modeling with Revit software, acquisition of Navisworks software, and several cloud/mobile startups that are now part of BIM 360 software, and he worked on product strategy with many advanced construction companies around the world.