Sabine Hoover

What they do: Content Director
Where they do it: FMI Corp.
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Sabine Hoover is FMI’s content director and is responsible for leading content and research initiatives across the organization to drive thought leadership and promote industry engagement. She is also the chief editor for FMI’s flagship publication, the “FMI Quarterly.”

Sabine has worked for over a decade in the engineering and construction space with a broad range of industry stakeholders. Projects require close collaboration with clients (both internal and external), industry leaders, senior management and research staff. Specific project work includes assessing research requirements, designing research methods for data acquisition, conducting primary and secondary research, and synthesizing, analyzing, and documenting research results into a final product or publication.
Sabine has authored dozens of whitepapers aimed at C-suite audiences. Articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, ENR, CFMA’s Building Profits and other key industry publications.

Sabine holds a masters in science from the University of Berne, Switzerland — her native country — and speaks five languages (English, French, German, Swiss German and Italian).