Scott Rea

What they do: Lead Project Engineer
Where they do it: DEB Construction
How they contribute: Guest Speaker

Scott brings over 15 years of experience to the DEB team. Starting with DEB as a Project Engineer 1 in 2013, he quickly rose through the ranks to the Project Manager position in 2015.

Scott’s involvement in the projects he has been a part of enabled him to develop great working relationships with subcontractors, architects, vendors, and owner’s representatives. Having worked in many project management team positions throughout his career, Scott appeared to be the perfect candidate to fill a fast-growing need at DEB Construction. Our company has enjoyed rapid growth over the last several years. The leadership group at DEB soon identified a need for a person who could quickly train new hires how to operate in the various technological systems employed in DEB’s project management process. Perhaps more importantly, there was a need to help foster the DEB culture into our new hires which, in turn, would help promote individual growth from within.

As Lead Project Engineer for DEB Construction Scott is responsible for enhancing the competencies of our Project Engineers on projects of various sizes. In this role he designs and conducts training programs that boost project workplace performance for the company’s Project Engineers. This includes, but is not limited to:  estimating, bidding, processing submittals, RFI’s, photo documentation, document control, daily reporting, schedule maintenance, meeting minutes, billings, management and issuance of all construction documents, reports and permits. As Lead Project Engineer Scott is expected to give DEB’s Project Engineers context as to why they are performing a task and how this task contributes to the overall success of the entire project. Scott is also instrumental in assisting with resource management company-wide by managing Manpower tracking. Finally, as Lead Project Engineer, Scott is also responsible for managing all service work orders across all clients for both DEB offices.