Stephen Pierz

What they do: Chief Innovation Officer
Where they do it: FBR
How they contribute: Adoption Leaders 50  Guest Speaker

Robotic technology company Fastbrick Robotics Limited (ASX:FBR) (‘FBR’ or ‘the Company’) is delighted to announce that Mr Steve Pierz has been appointed to the position of Chief Innovation Officer with FBR, based in the United States.

Mr Pierz worked at Caterpillar Inc. in the US for 29 years, with roles in engineering, product design and management. Mr Pierz was most recently the Strategy & Innovation Manager at Caterpillar’s headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, where he was responsible for leading Caterpillar’s innovation activities
across all areas of the business and driving an innovation culture.

Mr Pierz has been consulting to FBR for the past few months, driving business development in the United States. His relationships across the construction and technology industries have already produced exciting results for FBR, an example of which is the Strategic Collaboration Agreement the Company recently signed with premier Mexican builder GP Vivienda, a subsidiary of Grupo GP.

Mr Pierz has a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science (Material Science), a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) and an Associate Degree in Science.

Mr Pierz is FBR’s first full time permanent employee based in the United States, and will play an important role in the Company’s business development strategy in North America, in addition to providing invaluable leadership and driving FBR’s innovation culture.

Commenting on the appointment of Mr Pierz, CEO Mike Pivac said: “We are privileged to have secured the services of Mr Pierz to spearhead innovation at FBR. Steve is a high quality individual and will be a fantastic addition to the team, given his experience and his approach to innovation and continuous development. Further, the establishment of a permanent US office is a big milestone for our Company, and I’m excited for the commercial and development opportunities that presence will bring to FBR.”

FBR’s Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Pierz said: “FBR’s technology and drive to create change has excited me from the moment I was introduced to the Company, and I am thrilled to be joining in a full time capacity. One of my personal motivations is to play a role in addressing the worldwide housing shortage, where over a billion people have either inadequate or no housing. I am confident FBR’s technology presents a solution to this global issue, and I look forward to leading our Company’s growth in the United States with the support of the fantastic team in Western Australia and the Middle East.