July Venture Call – Future of ConTech from a VCs Perspective


7.22.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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7/22 2021 10am CT.

Interest in adoption and investments made in Built Industry Tech has continued to gain traction. On this call we’ll hear directly from investors in the space to get their take on the state of innovation, technologies on the horizon, and where they see the sector growing from here.

The construction industry is embracing innovations from software (augmented reality, cloud-tech, etc.) and hardware (drones, IoT, etc.). With the nature of the construction industry fragmented in terms of construction method preferences, regional constraints, and handling jobsite ambiguity, plenty of pain points exist for contractors. Strategic Investing & Corporate Venture is an increasingly important topic as project complexity, duration, and magnitude have increased. Contractors are expected to meet timelines and budgets, paving the way for startups delivering technology to meet the current challenges.

Investors are pouring capital into construction startups as they foresee an industry on the precipice of sweeping changes. Venture investments interface with developers, technologists, and engineers to understand what bottlenecks jobsites face and what innovations exist. Learn more about the current state of venture from BuiltWorlds’ Venture topics so you can see how the playing field is changing and what technology adoption looks like to the bottom line.


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