Building Products and Materials


11.3.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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11/3 2021 10am CT. Building Products & Materials Innovative Building Products & Materials are at the core of future construction. The EPA notes that buildings account for over 11% of CO2 emissions; green building practices are advancing quickly. Choosing the best sustainable materials is a key component to a successful project. Design professionals and city planners are pushing to find the best sustainable building materials for projects. The ability to leverage innovations in Building Products & Materials leads to improved building efficiencies, waste reduction, and cost savings. As raw material faces growing shortages and cost increases, the interest in how technology can transform how we use building materials grows as well. The construction industry must adapt to meet the increasing demand relating to improved building performance. The technologies of what innovative materials can bring to projects are changing every year – and maybe the difference in success in this new environment. Learn how to choose the best materials from BuiltWorlds’ Building Products & Materials topics so you can grasp how changing technologies, consumer preferences, and logistical challenges are impacting your projects.


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