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Analyst Call: Sustainable Building Products and Materials


8.3.2022 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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What is the BuiltWorld made of? Are there new and better building materials we can use? What is circular construction? All these questions pop into the mind when thinking of the sustainability of building materials. The construction industry is facing shortages and supply chain issues of all sorts in sourcing raw materials for builds. In addition, the construction industry is the largest consumer of raw materials in the world, and ultimately the processing of these raw materials is one of the main drivers of carbon emissions from buildings.

Seems like an opportunity.

This analyst call will bring together experts to discuss what sustainable materials in buildings look like and how we can source more sustainable materials for a cleaner built world and environment.



Javier Castaneda

Director, Engineering and Horizontal Construction Technology, BuiltWorlds

Gene Eidelman

Cofounder, Azure Printed Homes

Stephen Forte

CEO, The BuildClub

Tommy Linstroth

CEO, Green Badger

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