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E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum:

Evaluating Tech Stack Security


10.6.2022 12:00PM - 1:00PM


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Project delivery and enterprise level technology stacks for the AEC industry undergo a similar qualification process as construction companies looking to win contracts for projects. There are qualification metrics leveraged across mature organizations within the AEC ecosystem that aim to protect them from the risk of being exposed to technology that could put their company at risk of cybersecurity threats. On this Tech Adoption Leaders forum, we will dive into the cybersecurity evaluation methods and criteria for assessing existing and potential technology solution stacks for contractors.



As Swinerton’s first Emerging Technology Manager, Jesse leads Swinerton’s new Explorer Program, which is focused on near-term “problem statements” submitted by our Operations and Shared Services partners. He’s developed this program to give his colleagues a single place to research the many already-documented solutions to known problems, and give guidance on which is the preferred solution for some of the more common ones.

In the event that they don’t already have a solution, they’ve built a tool for submitting their problem statements, which he reviews along with our Explorer Committee to identify which problems need to be incorporated into their incubation cycle. He is ramping up to incorporate 5-6 concurrent projects in the incubation phase, during which he works with project teams to establish KPIs, set timelines for evaluation, perform regular check-ins, and work with them to evaluate how well different solutions will scale with the company.

Along with managing this new program, he continues to collaborate with his Solutions Manager colleagues in supporting several existing product lines, and keeps himself particularly involved in helping those products interface with Integrations team, building out proof-of-concept integrations to help get them deployed in production tools.

Jesse Jones

Emerging Technology Manager, Swinerton Builders

Dexter Cheng

InfoSec Manager, Swinerton Builders

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