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E&C Technology Leaders Forum – October Meeting


10.29.2020 10:00AM - 11:00AM


Zoom Digital Meeting

10/29/20 10:00am CT – The E&C Technology Leaders Forum is a private group of technology leaders from the construction and engineering companies in the BW Member Network. The Forum meets monthly (virtually) to discuss pressing construction tech topics, share/compare notes, and, in general, hold a conversation with other industry experts about tech adoption/utilization in the industry. Prior to the meeting, we determine a topic (based on suggestions from the Forum Members). We have one member kick off the meeting with a quick presentation/overview about their experience/strategy on the previously determined topic, and then hold a group discussion.

The Forum is also a companion to our online calls and in person meetings with this group. Access to this group is by invitation only and restricted to leaders of technology initiatives at Engineering and Construction Companies.

Interested in attending this meeting and joining the E&C Technology Leaders Forum? Please reach out to research@builtworlds.com for more details.

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