10.4.2019 at 5:30PM - 10.6.2019 at 5:00PM


Roosevelt University 620 N Lasalle Street Chicago, IL 60654

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Come hack with us.

Hackathon is our most prominent competition where all-star developers, makers, and built industry experts gather for a weekend to hack solutions to anything affecting the built world around us—cities, buildings, and infrastructure.

Software Challenge

Create the best software solution to a built industry problem. If you’re a developer or want to participate on a dev team for the weekend, this track is for you.

Here’s how it works. Form teams of 3-6 hackers and choose a problem to solve.
Next, create a prototype solution in roughly 36 hours. Finally, pitch the ideas to a panel of judges.

Win up to $15,000 in prizes
Sponsored by Clayco and Autodesk

Hackathon Webinar: August 29 @ 10AM

Not sure what a Hackathon Competition is? Join us on August 29 at 10AM, hear experts from Autodesk, Clayco, Litcon and Pepper Construction and learn what it’s all about. In this webinar, you’ll learn all the ways you can benefit from participating, hear how software gets developed, the kinds of problems the industry is working to solve and stories from previous Hackathons. Don’t miss it, click here to register.

“Innovation comes from collaboration. Innovation comes from diversity. That’s what we have here and what these teams create will often surprise you” – Jim Quanci, Senior Director of Software, Partner Development at Autodesk

A weekend of boundless R&D for your company

The BuiltWorlds Hackathon is not only for hackers. BuiltWorlds Members can also get involved and create a winning opportunity for their company.

Join the Hackathon, work alongside our hackers, and discover innovative solutions to your business-critical challenges. Take control of one of the challenges for a weekend of unlimited R&D.  Recruit your next rock star talent from amidst our competitors. Test drive your newest software and products for some of the industry’s most innovative minds.

Email partnerships@builtworlds.com to learn more!

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