June Training and Development Call


6.30.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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6/30 2021 10am CT.

Employee training is one of the most underrated aspects of workforce management in the construction industry. Training & Development should not be a singular experience within onboarding but a continual element of an employee’s career. Maintaining growth for your employees allows them to flourish alongside your projects.

Construction has changed in the second decade of the 21st century. The advent of robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, machine learning sequencing, and constantly updated building codes and regulations translates to workers who need to be constantly training and developed to succeed. Today, nearly 90% of contractors face talent shortages. Programs that develop talent within your existing workforce helps to engage employees and build onto an existing skills profile.

Effective performance management among construction firms is low, only about 50% of firms can do so. Teaching contractors to “fish” through programs that have a real-world impact within the modern world of construction results in the next generation of project leaders. BuiltWorlds’ Teaching & Development topics showcase trends of developing proper talent specific to construction and building that will allow you to properly cultivate and energize your workforce.

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