Modularization & Prefabrication


10.27.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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10/27 2021 10am CT. Modularization & Prefabrication Modularization & Prefabrication is transforming the construction industry. It is arriving at a great time, with construction productivity at all-time lows with pressures from supply chains, rising material costs, and labor scarcity. Placing construction processes offsite is becoming more common as modularity permits faster onsite installation, leaner supply chains, and limiting costly redesigns. At scale, this has the potential to reduce construction costs by 20%. Modular building is a prefabricated process consisting of repeated sections called modules. Modular construction must be considered in all stages of a project’s lifecycle – from design to building erection. The key benefits to modular construction lay in reduced production times, leaner supply chains, and limiting redesigns. Modular construction projects finish twice as fast as traditional construction. The reduction in customization, complexity, and RFIs allows construction workers to set modules in place for a seamless building. The construction industry is facing unprecedented challenges: red tape, environmental concerns, labor shortages, and rising material costs. Learn more about BuiltWorlds’ Modularization & Prefabrication topics on how to unlock the key benefits of modular construction to reduce production times, build leaner supply chains, and limit costly redesigns.


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