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Projects Conference Chicago


6.28.2018 7:30AM - 4:00PM


Kasbeer Hall in Corboy Law Center at Loyola 25 E Pearson St Chicago, IL 60611

A full-day premium event exploring case studies of technology adoption on the jobsite.


At Projects Chicago, we’ll offer the playbook you need to deliver faster, better, and more affordable projects in 2018, featuring case studies of technology adoption on major projects happening in Chicago, the broader midwest, and around the world straight from the experts who completed them.

Featured companies include Gensler, CBRE, Viewpoint, Builderbox, XOi Technologies, Uplift Data and more.

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Walsh Group, June 27th, 6-8 pm

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Major Projects We’re Exploring At The Event

110 N. Carpenter, Chicago (New McDonald’s HQ) –

The Gensler-designed 110 N. Carpenter is a new 774,000 square-foot office development by Sterling Bay. The building and largest tenant—McDonald’s global headquarters—continues the momentum of invention and vitality in Chicago’s Fulton Market District. We’ll hear from those involved and dive into some of the groundbreaking techniques and technologies used on the project.

The Post Office, Chicago –

The city of Chicago became abuzz when talks surfaced about renovating The Post Office into 2.5 million square feet of new Class A office space. Gensler Managing Principal Grant Uhlir will be there to talk about new approaches and technologies being used for the innovative design.

The World’s Largest Starbucks, Chicago

The new four-level Starbucks Roastery flagship coming to Michigan Avenue in 2019 will be the world’s largest Starbucks. Todd Siegel will be speaking to how he, along with partners, secured and completed a transaction for the largest Starbucks in the world–45,000 SF on the Mag Mile for one of four Reserve Roasters globally. We’ll also speak with a Starbucks architect who will explain the design of the new interactive layout.


Projects Experts (Aka Our Speakers)

Kevin Bredeson

President/CEO, ConTech Consulting

Sean Conlon

President/founder, Conlon &Co

David de Yarza

CEO, Builderbox, Inc.

Grant Uhlir

Principal / Managing Director, Gensler

Todd Siegel

Senior Vice President, CBRE

Bobby Goodman

Co-Founder, Truss

Raffi Holzer

CEO, Avvir

Taralinda Willis

co-founder/CEO, Curate

Aiden Dalley

Viewpoint, Product Marketing Manager

Josh Arneson

Integration Manager & Development Research, Uplift Data Partners

John P. Cahalan

Director of Strategy, XOi Technologies

Ken Hepburn

Managing Partner, Next Dimension Technology Partners

Mark Schlander

Vice President, Sales and Alliances, Guardhat Inc.

Dan Weisman

Executive Director, Strategic Business Development, Penta Technologies

Matt Isenbarger

Enterprise Sales Manager, DJI

Raghi Iyengar

Founder & CEO, ManufactOn

Melissa Schultz

Co-Founder, SitePatterns

Dan Klancnik

Project Solutions, Leopardo

Harvey Silverstone

CIO, Prairie Management LLC

Tim Swanson

Chief Design Officer, Skender

David Wald

CEO and Co-Founder, Aclaimant

Brendan Stewart

President, AeroVista Innovations

Brian Healy

Project Director / Vice President, Pepper Construction

Dan Brooks

Director, Corporate Sales, KONE

Jay Longo

Principal, Solomon Cordwell Buenz


Day 1 Schedule

8:00 am – 8:45 am

Breakfast and Networking

8:45 am – 8:55 am

Opening Statements

Matt Abeles, Co-Founder, BuiltWorlds

9:00 am – 9:30 am

Keynote Speech: “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”

Sean Conlon, President/Founder, Conlon & Co Host, CNBC’s “The Deed Chicago”

Sean Conlon is a multi-millionaire real estate mogul, Founder & President of Conlon & CO, and host of CNBC’s “The Deed Chicago”. In his motivational speech “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”, Conlon shares his deal-making strategies and tips for success in real estate and development ventures. Learn about the real estate market and trends from one of the top experts in the country.

9:40 am – 10:10 am

New Software for Designing and Delivering Projects

Raffi Holzer, CEO, Avvir - Taralinda Willis, Co-Founder/CEO, Curate - Dave Wald, CEO, Aclaimant - Moderator: Dan Weisman, Executive Director, Strategic Business Development, Penta Technologies

The newest construction tech is shaping the built world by managing project insights, customizing lists and schedules, reducing onsite risk and cost overruns. Topics covered in this panel include: the latest trends in communications, new multi-tier collaboration tools, and preventing rework. Hear case studies from some of the leading companies in contech and how new developments in software are helping contractors be more efficient and effective.

10:15 am – 10:45 am

Breakout Session & Networking

10:50 am – 11:30 am

Project Management of Office Building Construction

Grant Uhlir, Principal/Managing Director, Gensler

The Gensler-designed 110 N. Carpenter is a new 774,000 square-foot office
development by Sterling Bay. The building and largest tenant—McDonald’s global headquarters—continues the momentum of invention and vitality in Chicago’s Fulton Market District. Hear from those involved and dive into some of the groundbreaking technologies used on the project.

11:35 am – 12:05 pm

Cracking the Code on Modular Construction

Tim Swanson, Skender - Kevin Bredeson, CTO, Skender - Raghi Iyengar, ManufactOn

For the first time publicly, Skender’s Tim Swanson and Kevin Bredeson present alongside ManufactOn’s Raghi Iyengar about their newest
collaboration -- a vertically-integrated design-manufacturing-build business model. Learn about a modular project utilizing the newest software solutions to bring the best of manufacturing to construction.

12:05 pm – 1:00 pm


1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Wearable Technologies Improving Onsite Safety

John Cahalan, Director of Strategy, XOi - Mark Schlander, Vice President, GuardHat Inc. - Ken Hepburn, Managing Partner, Next Dimension Technology Partners - Moderator: Melissa Schultz, Co-Founder, SitePatterns

Health and safety in the built environment continues to improve with the advent of wearable technologies. New smart hats with several safety features like fall detection and remote guidance are some of the ways companies are combining the physical and digital. Discover more of what you’ll see on site boost visibility in the workplace and protect project workers.

1:35 pm – 2:05 pm

Integrating Technologies on the Connected Jobsite

Aiden Dalley, Product Marketing Manager, Viewpoint - David De Yarza, CEO, Builderbox, Inc. - Daniel J. Klancnik, Leopardo - Moderator: Matt Abeles, Co-Founder, BuiltWorlds

Project management technology can often be fragmented, expensive and outdated. The technology highlighted in this session is capturing data, analyzing project delivery, leveraging user-friendly social media behaviors, and communicating to mobile units onsite. During this session, explore how technology is integrated throughout the life-cycle of a project, what problems make integration difficult and how to overcome them.

2:10 pm – 2:40 pm


2:45 pm – 3:15 pm

Starbucks Roastery

Todd Siegel, Senior Vice President, CBRE, Inc. - Brian Healy, Project Director Vice President, Pepper Construction - Jay Longo, Design Principal, Solomon Cordwell Buenz - Moderator: Harvey Silverstone, CIO, Prairie Management LLC

Dive into the latest details surrounding the groundbreaking, multi-level Starbucks Roastery flagship store opening on Michigan Avenue next year. As the world’s largest Starbucks begins to take shape, we’ll hear from those handling the lease negotiations, designing the Mag Mile storefront and building out 45,000 SF of retail space opening in 2019.

3:20 pm – 3:50 pm


Josh Arneson, Uplift - Brendan Stewart, Chief Pilot, Aerovista Innovations - Matt Isenberger, Enterprise Sales Manager, DJI

The use of drone technology in the built environment continues to increase across hundreds of construction jobsites in the U.S. By connecting large networks of drone pilots, software and cloud-based visualization, drone companies are using innovative solutions to deliver data analytics and provide visual progress reports to project stakeholders. Explore what’s next in aerial imaging and the new ways it’s delivering visual progress reports to project managers.

3:55 pm – 4:10 pm

Project Technology Challenge

Matt Gagne, BuiltWorlds - Bobby Goodman, Co-Founder, Truss

In 2017, BuiltWorlds released "45 companies & technologies paving our future
in IoT and connected job sites" it showcased technology that advances project performance. This is a collection of some of the most innovative building techniques, infrastructure, and city projects in the built world.

Judges: Dana Erdman, Bulley & Andrews
Travis Voss, Mechanical Inc.
Keith Onchuck, Ozinga
Kevin Bredeson, Skender
Dave Pikey, Hill Group
Michael Macellaio, W.E. O’Neil
Stephen Knapp, Hollister
Weston Tanner, Walsh

4:15 pm – 6:00 pm


Project Competition

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Judges for this competition include:

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More on the event topic: What does the future of project management hold?

It’s no secret that the process of planning and executing our projects has been forever altered by emerging technology (hello drones, IoT, advanced software, A.I./machine learning)

No stakeholder is exempt. No matter if you’re a Developer, Real Estate Executive, Architect or Engineer, Contractor, Built Tech Creator, or Facilities Manager, you’re all equally responsible for making sense of technology infiltrating the market.

At Projects Chicago (our encore version from Projects NYC and LA), we’re bringing together top experts in built world technology to feature real-life case studies of technology adoption so you can make sense of the new industry landscape.

Kasbeer Hall in Corboy Law Center at Loyola 25 E Pearson St Chicago IL 60611

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What’s included in the ticket price?
– Access to all speaker sessions at the conference
– Continental breakfast, lunch, and all-day refreshments
– Access to Speed Networking and post-conference Speaker Meet and Greet
– Access to available white papers, speaker presentations (per speaker consent) and event attendee portal.

Can I buy a ticket to just the networking sessions?
Networking session tickets are not available. If you want to connect with industry executives, thought leaders, and other major decision makers, plan to come the full day!

Are meals provided?
Yes! We provide you with breakfast and lunch, as well as refreshments, which are available all day. Please note that the conference ends at 5pm and that dinner is not included.

What is the refund policy?
Due to the limited ticket availability, there is no refund on ticket purchases.

Which airport should I fly into?
O’Hare and Midway are both great options. Please contact our Events Manager, Kristin Carey, for any logistics questions.

Where can I get more questions answered?
We’re happy to help you – contact kristin.carey@builtworlds.com our Events Manager for all BuiltWorlds related questions.

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