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Smart Jobsites


12.8.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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12/8 2021 10am CT. Smart Jobsites The gap in construction communication between the team on the jobsite and those at the office has never been greater. Plans often go through a game of telephone to notify changes, confirm construction quality, and perform RFIs. Times are changing. Digitization allows individual tasks to be unified into a larger unified vision. Smart Jobsites use a bevy of different technologies including sensors, wireless networks, IoT, GPS tracking systems, and digital platforms. These smart tools give jobsites the ability to align separate processes into a single cohesive ecosystem. Smart Jobsites aids real-time communication between people, physical tools, and digital workspaces. Operations can be planned for and monitored in real-time with digital technology. It’s time to improve construction productivity and bring jobsites into the 21st century. Learn more about BuiltWorlds’ Smart Jobsite topics to improve your project’s team visibility, real-time decision-making processes, and performance.



Dimitrios Farmakis

VP of Product, ALICE Technologies

Kelly Doyle

Chief Operating Officer, ProjectReady

Thai Nguyen

DIVERGE, CINO, Hensel Phelps

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