Smart Jobsites Analyst Call

Democratizing 4D - Smart Jobsites Analyst Call


11.30.2022 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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On this analyst call, we will dive into the technology, use-cases and methods leveraged by contractors who include project modeling and simulation into their project deliverables. Project Modeling and Simulation for construction can be defined as the process that is leveraged to visualize the construction and constructibility of the project in three dimensions prior to and during the construction phase. This technology speciality area includes solutions that enable 3D modeling and design in an X,Y,Z coordinate system. Additionally, this technology specialty area includes solutions that enable builders to simulate and communicate the project schedule and costs for the 3D model creating either a 4D/5D model.


Lucas Manos

Senior Innovation Manager - Emerging Technology, Ryan Companies

Becca Anderson

Sr. VDC Manager, Ryan Companies

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