October 19 - 21, 2018   |   Chicago, IL


2018 Hackathon Challenges & Prizes:


All challenges to be annouced. 
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What is the BuiltWorlds Hackathon?


It's a weekend-long competition where all-star developers, makers, and built industry experts gather to hack solutions to burning built world problems.


What's a 'built world' problem?   


Anything affecting how we build in the world we live in — namely, our cities, buildings, and infrastructure.


How It Works


Form Teams of 3-6 hackers form and choose a problem to solve.


Hack Each team has close to 36 hours to churn out a prototype solution.


Pitch Each team presents their ideas to a panel of judges.


Win The winners receive a prize.

We are searching for individuals and teams who think they can solve some of the biggest problems facing the built tech industry.


It's a challenge to create or significantly improve any software/hardware that can advance current building processes or practices in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, or Real Estate.

Highlights from Hackathon 2017


Maker Challenge


Team iPot, first place winners of the Maker Challenge ($ prize) Developed a four-inch-wide plastic cylinder, when activated and installed in existing porta-potty unit, can sense when the unit is full and in need of emptying or maintenance, with the goal of reducing O&M costs and improving end-user customer satisfaction/happiness.


The iPot also features an accelerometer that notifies the owner if the unit is tipped or knocked over.



Maker Challenge: Sponsor MachineQ, a Comcast company, asked participants to discover innovative uses for their LoRaWAN network, which is a long-range, low battery, low cost alternative to existing connectivity options.

Software Challenge


Team Batman snagged first place in the Software Challenge and Flux challenge bonus with their app that leveraged Microsoft’s HoloLens technology to scan interior spaces and add objects with voice technology, with data linking back using Flux.


The second place overall team, Team Otter, won the Autodesk challenge with their solution that “reinvented” the architecture drawing review process using the Forge platform.


Software Challenge: This year, developers had three opportunities to win prizes for their software solutions. In addition to a $4,000 overall prize, Autodesk and Flux, both premier sponsors of the Hackathon, offered an additional $1,000 bonus for developers who made creative use of the Forge and Flux platforms. (We talked a little about the Forge technology here.)


Construction Profitability Challenge


Of the four teams that participated in the Profitability Challenge, three came from general contractors. But, as true Cinderella stories go, the fourth team, a group of students from Northwestern University’s Master of Project Management program, was crowned the winner of the challenge.



Profitability Challenge: Facilitated and sponsored by FMI Consulting, optimized profit and loss statements, ran smart simulations, and honed their ability to manage the bevy of operations and processes entailed with helming a construction company.

Hackathon 2018 is coming soon!