Building Tech 50 List 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Building Tech 50! The Building Tech 50 List was derived from a combination of direct industry research, feedback, case studies, and the 2022-23 Building Tech Survey data. The Building Tech Survey inquired about solutions being leveraged in following categories: High-Performance Materials, Planning & Design, Supply Chain, and Energy Systems / HVAC. This list illustrates both legacy and emerging building technology solutions being leveraged by some of the largest contractors, engineers, and specialty contractors from around the world.

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AssetWorks delivers business solutions that give asset owners streamlined access to shared asset data, helping to promote greater transparency within their organization. With the latest cloud and mobile computing technologies, AssetWorks’ platform provides solutions that eliminate waste. Redundancy, and inefficiency.

Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin solution that was created to increase collaboration to build smarter buildings. This platform helps users to make decisions pertaining to occupancy trends, building systems, and changes that need to be made for building anomalies.


BeamUP is the world’s first Enterprise Facility Intelligence Platform that allows organizations full face visibility and generative solutions to reduce costs and optimize operations. Users can leverage the platform’s AI capabilities to seek out data points for building assets, workforce, design data, and innovative solutions.


Cohesion is a Building Experience App that is designed to integrate building systems, enhance tenant experiences, provide smart controls, and offer actionable insights for commercial real estate. Their platform creates a holistic and centralized resource with a comprehensive library of integrations of data.


Mezo offers an Intelligent Intake platform that can help to diagnose maintenance issues, enable technicians to fix residents’ problems efficiently, and give property owners transparency into maintenance spending and ways to centralize operations. This AI-powered virtual maintenance platform provides optimal maintenance intake, diagnosis, scheduling, and fulfillment recommendations, all with the goal of improving home maintenance proactively.


Planon is a leading provider of Smart Sustainable Building Management software that seeks to provide integrated experiences for building users, owners, and service providers by connecting buildings, people, and processes into a single shared information platform. Their goal is to empower stakeholders, which is done by eliminating data silos and coordinating efficient solutions.


PointGuard specializes in building data analytics and offers comprehensive insights and solutions aimed at improving performance and profitability. They are able to leverage existing building control systems to increase profitability and performance of mechanical equipment, while also improving occupant comfort.


Stonal utilizes AI to power their platform and provide reliable data for owners and managers of real estate assets. Within the platform, users can enhance their asset liquidity to maximize their assets, without the hassle of data collection. This solution helps to alleviate the roadblocks associated with ESG management, helping to promote sustainable growth.




Tenants from around the world use the Equiem app as an all-in-one solution for tenant experience and management. This centralizes the collaborative relationship between buildings, workplace experience, and the people who work in them.


Leading commercial real estate firms rely on the HqO tenant experience platform, tenant engagment services, and tenant engagement app to adapt to evolving market needs, maximize asset value, and deliver a modern tenant experience.


Lulafit optimizes amenities plans for maximum engagement through their intelligent design systems. They utilize a proptrietary technology as an experience multiplier that is aimed at aligning people hospitality, programs, events, and logistics into one easily managed platform.


SoloInsight is a leading digital enabler with a specialization in cyber-physical identity convergence. They have created CloudGate, which is a no-code workflow automation platform to approach the post-pandemic workplace norm, with a focus on a flexible employee-centric work environment.


Tulu provides an in-building smart platform that gives tenants on-demand access to appliances, micro-mobility devices, and other amenities. The platform leads with a mission of responsible consumption while reducing the cost of living in urban areas.



Adept Materials

Adept Materials specializes in producing multifunctional construction materials that improve energy efficiency, durability, and comfort all while simplifying the construction process. Their innovative products offer comprehensive solutions for AEC industry needs.


AMATEC has successfully created a new and advanced building material called High-Density Gypsum which can directly replace concretes, woods, and ceramics in most engineering applications. Its unique properties allow for best-in-class automated prefabrication of housing sets that can be quickly and easily assembled on-site. This material is completely recyclable, requires extremely low CO2 emissions (if any), hardens within 20 minutes, is 3-5x stronger than concrete, and is cheap/widely available.


Arqlite is a recycling technology company that creates high-efficiency materials made 100% from plastic waste. This innovative recycling system creates an environmentally-conscious and cost-effective solution by producing a lightweight artificial Smart Gravel for construction.

Boston Materials

Boston Materials empowers AEC leaders to overcome design challenges with lightweight and energy efficient materials, while lessening their carbon footprint. They provide sustainable, high-performance materials, including their patented Z-axis Fiber™.


CarbiCrete is a carbon removal technology company that is developing innovative and low-cost solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They produce concrete that is both carbon-negative and concrete-free by using industrial byproducts.

CarbonCure Technologies

With a mission to make concrete a climate solution, CarbonCure Technologies has begun scaling an integrated decarbonization platform. CarbonCure has started injecting CO2 throughout the concrete manufacturing process, permanently embedding this carbon dioxide into the mineralized concrete.


Businesses and consumers alike are gaining clean and fast energy savings through Liatris’ high performance insulation. This new-age solution addresses the needs within the market, providing insulation that has low VOCs while being eco-friendly, non-flammable, and user friendly.

Terra CO2

OPUS is a low carbon alternative for cement replacement developed by Terra CO2. This sustainable cement alternative is made with climate-friendly feedstocks, making it a cost-competitive and scalable solution.


Ubiquitous offers a truly transparent solar product, with a specialization in transparent photovoltaics. Their award-winning technology harvests solar energy and creates a source of electricity that can be used as a thin coating on glass surfaces, such as windows, without compromising visibility.



Autodesk Insight

Autodesk Insight is a powerful building performance analysis software that enables architects and engineers to optimize building performance across various sustainability metrics, including energy, daylighting, and thermal comfort. With Insight, design teams can make data-driven decisions that result in more efficient and sustainable buildings.

Energy Star

Energy Star® provides unbiased information about energy efficiency to aid consumers and businesses in making informed decisions. Since 1992, Energy Star and its partners have helped to save trillions of kilowatt-hours of electricity, avoid billions in energy-associated costs, and achieve greenhouse gas reductions.


enVerid provides sustainable indoor air quality solutions that help buildings save money, reduce energy consumption, and achieve air quality goals. Its flagship HVAC Load Reduction modules deliver superior indoor air quality and up to 40% HVAC energy savings in new and existing buildings.


GridPoint’s technology and services include intelligent, real-time control, equipment-level submetering and monitoring hardware, big data analytics software and energy management services.

IPG Energy

IPG is a clean-tech company from the UK that provides fuel-flexible power generation solutions to enable industries to move away from diesel generators and transition to alternative fuels. Their high-efficiency power generation is suitable for temporary power in construction and mining, as well as grid-independent power for EV charging.


Poppy is an indoor health company. Providing instant, accurate air safety monitoring for any indoor space, Poppy is used by commercial properties and corporations to keep buildings sustainable and occupants healthy.

Radix (formally Bitbox)

Radix IoT offers a transformative integrated platform for remote monitoring, process management, and data collection. Within the platform is accurate and real-time information that is vital for applications like edge data cents, property management, and data-driven business decisions.


Redaptive helps companies optimize their real estate portfolios and save on energy bills through their Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform, which breaks down barriers to portfolio-wide energy efficiency. With funding from top firms like CBRE and ENGIE, Redaptive manages a national portfolio of energy efficiency projects.


Specifx provides visibility, context, and insights into your entire HVAC asset portfolio - helping organizations understand and optimize their HVAC investments at the enterprise scale.


This privately held, full-service, real estate development firm specializes in public-private partnerships. Transcend focuses on creating vibrant mixed-use developments, affordable and student housing, and transit-oriented projects that strengthen communities and promote sustainability.

Turntide Technologies

Turntide Technologies develops full-stack, integrated, open systems that support commercial and industrial electric vehicles, building operations, and agriculture to optimize how the world uses energy. They are accelerating the world's transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable future.




Assembly OSM

Assembly OSM’s innovative building systems achieve buildings that are both beautiful and innovative — high-quality in performance, high-end in aesthetics, green in materials, and highly cost-effective in componentry, fabrication, delivery, and operating expense. In 2022 Assembly OSM announced a sizable $38M Series A fundraising round led by Fifth Wall’s new Climate fund with other investment groups eager to participate in the round. Read more about the raise and their aim in the BuiltWorlds 2022 Q3 Investment Report.


Blokable is a vertically integrated solution to create affordable housing at scale, disintermediating the traditional development process and promoting prosperity and equity in communities. Their innovative building system and technology enable a new paradigm in development.


Cloud Apartments

Cloud Apartments is a technology-driven property management company that offers luxury co-living and micro-living solutions, with modern amenities and high-end design. Their apartments are fully furnished and serviced, with flexible leases and online booking options, making urban living hassle-free and affordable.


Ecoworks plans, constructs and installs facade and roof elements to convert apartment buildings to a NetZero standard within a few weeks. Their long-term goal for us is to reduce CO2 emissions in the building sector through a highly efficient building shell, modern TGA solutions and self-supply of the building with climate-neutral electricity.

FullStack Modular

FullStack Modular merges offsite modular construction with new technologies to simplify and improve multifamily development, offering up to 15% cost savings and 25-50% time savings compared to conventional construction. With a focus on multi-story, multifamily residential, hospitality, dormitories, and hospital rooms, they are one of the only steel-framed modular builders in America.


The circular wall system produced by JUUNOO offers a solution that installs walls seven times faster than traditional walls, while also featuring a variety of aesthetic finishes. They offer a cash back warranty, ensuring a fixed price for property owners when they no longer need the wall, contributing to a circular economy.


Manufacton, a SaaS platform by ViZZ Technologies, enables efficient materials and inventory management, offsite production, and onsite installation of building components, promoting faster, cheaper, and greener construction.


MiTek seeks to transform the building industry by championing better building methods through its Design-Make-Build approach. The company collaborates across the building industry to empower transformational breakthroughs in design and construction. The innovative and integrated solutions enable their partners to transform the way the industry designs, makes, and builds.


Modulous has produced a scalable model for designing and delivering homes, led by the goal of eliminating the global deficit of 500 million homes while improving efficiency, waste reduction, and quality standards. This software delivers detailed cost information and sustainability standards that help to upskill local labor while cutting capital and democratizing home building.


Oasys Building Technology is establishing the next generation building platform to create better homes at an unprecedented speed and scale. Levereaging a breakthrough structural technology, Oasys Homes are built 10 times faster than traditional construction, weigh 10 times less, and deliver a better everyday living experience at a lower cost than current technologies. Oasys recently participated in our 2022 Venture West Demo Day Competition - watch the video here!


Vestack is a construction disruptor that provides a sustainable and efficient solution compared to traditional construction methods, with three times less pollution and two times faster manufacturing, all at no extra cost. Their solution incorporates proprietary hardware and software to aid developers throughout the construction process.




Launched in 2020, Arx is an AI-driven real estate analytics platform that automatically underwrites the future potential of millions of properties in advance, enabling developers, investors, and agents to source and evaluate optimal investment & development opportunities in seconds. ARX is featured in the BuiltWorlds Startup Profile Library that includes over 100 well-positioned startups in the construction tech and real estate tech industries. This library is accessible to our Enterprise & Strategic level members and contains funding information and other info packaged for investors - contacts us for more info.


Founded in 2018, LightBox is a marketing-leading descision platform that provides optimized workflow, integration of critical data, and the of GIS location intelligence to support decision making across real estate lending, investment sales, appraisals, debt capital marketing, property development, environmental engineering and GIS analysis.


Matera is a PropTech Saas company that allows co-owners to manage their buildings themselves without the services of a professional property manager. Founded in 2017, the company aims to bring together lawyers, accountants, and web devs to enable co-owners to manage their own building. Matera raised $43 million in 2021 in its series B round of funding.


PrometriQ (NeoTwin's cloud-enabled management solution) is a platform for the management of 3D building models and 2D plans. The platform provides support for all data structures, roles, processes, standards, and catalogues creating a very productive environment required by the real estate world. The BIM-enabled platform allows owners to manage infrastructure assets over their entire life cycle through its two functional areas AIM (Asset Information Management) and PIM (Project Information Management).


Founded in 2017, STRATAFOLIO is an online software solution designed specifically to manage real estate. The online software solution provides real-time data analytics for commercial real estate portfolios in an intuitively designed dashboard. The software also seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks – both Desktop and Online.


VTS is a real estate CRM software company bringing together landlords, brokers, and tenants to make deals happen. Since being founded in 2012, the company empowers landlords and brokers to better attract, convert, and retain valuable assets and tenants by centralizing all of the critical data and workflows in one place. VTS was recently recently featured in the BuiltWorlds Top Investment Deals of 2022 List for its $125 million series E raise last September.