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Research Reports

2020 Construction Technology Report: Adoption and Effectiveness of Preconstruction, Project Management, and In-The-Field Solutions

June 3, 2020

The Built World is changing, accelerated by technological advancement from leading providers, emerging startups, venture players, innovative construction and engineering firms, and many other actors from inside and outside of the built environment. However, with the abundance of solutions available today, construction and technology leaders face difficult challenges when tasked […]

2020 Machines Report: Breaking Down the Adoption Rates of Advanced Construction Machinery, Equipment & Robotic Solutions

May 12, 2020

Construction companies continue to have trouble meeting workforce demands, as 80 percent aren’t able to find the workers they need. Not only has construction experienced workforce shortages, but the unpredictable conditions of a jobsite can make for a dangerous experience for workers. From 2014 to 2017, construction worker fatalities rose […]

2020 U.S. Innovators Report

April 7, 2020

The 2020 BuiltWorlds U.S. Innovators Report was produced in conjunction with the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit. The production of this engineering and construction industry innovators report was made possible through the support of Sage, Premier Sponsor of the 2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit and BW Member. Innovation can come in a […]

2020 Buildings Annual Report

February 17, 2020

We’ll help define “smart” buildings, explore the advantages and drawbacks of various building materials, investigate how BIM is being effectively utilized, showcase innovative buildings from around the world, and more!

2019 Construction Technology Annual Report

August 28, 2019

A deep dive market report on the status of construction technology as it stands today in the industry. The report highlights companies providing solutions across technology that are causing disruption paired with case studies from the leading construction companies putting them into action. We seek to provide a ‘how-to’ for the industry when considering taking steps toward future-proofing their business.

2019 European Market Annual Report

July 31, 2019

The conversation surrounding the advancement of the European built environment has become increasingly global. BuiltWorlds learned first hand how the industries in Europe and the United States compare. The development of infrastructure and the use of P3s is markedly different across the pond than it is in the US. In this report, we’ll parse these differences and break down the biggest players. This report will also feature insights on technical innovations machine learning, automation, and the funding backing it all. Compare the similarities and differences between the European and American markets.

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Top Lists

2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

June 17, 2020

For more in-depth analysis on the technology aiding how the built industries plan, design, build, operate, and maintain the Built World’s infrastructure assets, make sure to read our 2020 Global Infrastructure Report on July 8th (available for BuiltWorlds Members). SEARCH THE BUILTWORLDS COMPANY DIRECTORY BY TYPE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIMILAR BUILT TECH PROVIDERS Welcome […]

2020 Project Software 50

May 20, 2020

For more in-depth analysis on the adoption rate and effective uses of the solutions below (and more!), make sure to read our 2020 Construction Technology Report on June 3rd (available for BuiltWorlds Members). Welcome to the 2020 Project Software 50 List! Technology is changing how the Built World plans, manages, and executes projects. While you […]

BuiltWorlds Mavericks 50 List 2020

2020 Mavericks 50 List

April 28, 2020

The 2020 BuiltWorlds Maverick Awards winners highlights 50 individuals who have acted as trendsetters and innovators in the built world, from architects and engineers to contractors, technologists, influencers, entrepreneurs, and urban designers.

2020 Machines 50 List

April 22, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Machines 50 List! Emerging technology trends and recent development are transforming the built world – both in the shop and in the field. So, we’re highlighting the companies that are pushing the boundaries of product – through automation, IoT, and more – and process – by applying a manufacturing-like, factory approach […]

2020 Venture Deals 50 List (of 2019)

February 19, 2020

BuiltWorlds lays out the top 50 venture deals that took place in 2019 within the built industry. You know the biggest deals, but the rest might surprise you.

BuiltWorlds 2020 Building Tech 50 List

2020 Building Tech 50 List

January 6, 2020

The Building Tech 50 list features 50 leading companies and solutions that are pushing the boundaries of how smart buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained in 2020.

News & Analysis

Articles & Feature Stories that cover the latest news & trending topics

NextGen: CIRT-ACE Mentor Finals Bode Well

Nine high school teams from across the U.S. converged on Washington
recently for the 10th Anniversary CIRT-ACE Mentor National Design
Competition. Board member Paul Bonington here reports from the event on how
bright our industry’s future truly appears.

Northwestern Engineers Return to Build their Concrete 3D Printer

Since January, we have had an ongoing partnership with a Mechanical
capstone course at Northwestern University. Back in March, we held their
presentation as part of our show The Realities of 3D Printing. Now, the
BuiltWorldsNU team is back. Let’s check in to see what they’re up to in
this quarter…

Student Engineers are Building a Steel Bridge to Utah

You might be a little familiar with the Steel Bridge Competition. Like the
concrete canoe competition, it shares the similar goal of providing
engineering students with the opportunity to use design and build as a
competition piece. We partnered with a group of students from Illinois Tech
to follow their progress. Did they bridge the gap?

Don’t Let Lucas Temple Doom McCormick Place!

So which side is the dark one? Our own John Gregerson opines on Chicago’s
epic battle to win the pricey Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which has now
turned ugly after the mayor’s recent suggestion to tear down iconic
McCormick Place East.

Fact-finding World Tour Fuels Maker Conference

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That age-old theme is the driving
mission behind the global maker movement, which Chicago’s IIT Institute of
Design will advance this month by presenting the results of its six-month,
four-city Strategy World Tour.

Innovate or Die: CEO Tech Forum (Pt 3)

Got your attention? Good. If you weren’t able to make it to our first CEO
Tech Forum April 20-22, you missed a heck of a lot. So here is the most
comprehensive written summary to date. But stay tuned for much more CTF
video to come this spring.

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Analyst Calls & Videos

Explore videos covering expansive topics in the built world
WakeCap Demo Day BuiltWorlds

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Wakecap

Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and innovation needed in the construction industry should be led by the industry itself. BVF members look to […]

Analyst Call – Project Management Specialty Contractors Systems

As we move toward Day Two of our Project Delivery Conference where we explore project management systems, we wanted to dedicate time specifically to focus on project management considerations for specialty contractors. Specialty contractors have a range of needs that are distinct from the needs of owners or general contractors. […]

Rebartek Venture Forum Demo Drop

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Rebartek

Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and innovation needed in the construction industry should be led by the industry itself. BVF members look to […]

Analyst Call – Performance Building Planning Tools

Leading into Day One of our Projects Conference where we will focus on pre-construction services and project planning, this call will look at some of the next generation thinking around tools for moving past simple budgeting, scheduling, and “value engineering.” We’ll discuss how people are incorporating technology and practices that […]

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Modulous

Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and innovation needed in the construction industry should be led by the industry itself. BVF members look to […]

Venture Analyst Call

June Venture Call: Perspectives from Built Industry Startups

We’re joined by leaders at Built Industry startups to get their perspective on the current fundraising environment as well as their thoughts around the importance of pilot programs, key leadership lessons learned, and how to best gain or sustain customer traction in times of uncertainty. Speakers: Michael Zalle, Founder & […]