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Top Lists

Educational report to inform you about relevant topics impacting the built world, today. Built industry companies are highlighted alongside historical context. These Reports are often released in conjunction with a BuiltWorlds Conference.

Top 20 Built World Moments of 2018

December 19, 2018

2018 was yet another big year in the built world. Whether through technology, venture financing, or sheer innovative thinking, the construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate industries continued to evolve. At BuiltWorlds, we witnessed that evolution firsthand as the world’s leading thinkers, builders, technologists, and deal-makers pushed the industry onward and upward in the face of new challenges

BuiltWorlds Holiday Gift Guide 2018

November 16, 2018

It’s that time of year as Cyber Monday approaches where you spend hours scouring the internet to find the perfect gift for your nephew, sister, parent, or co-worker. We’ve come across lists laying out the most popular gifts of this holiday season but what about a list with double meaning? Where can you find a […]

Adoption Leaders 50 List 2018

October 24, 2018

Following the success of last years Adoption Leaders Top List, we put a call out to our community for nominations for the 2018 List. Individuals were able to nominate themselves or their peers who are not only champions of technology within their organizations but leaders who stepped into newly created roles that exist today as […]

Venture Investors 50 List 2018

October 3, 2018

Earlier this year BuiltWorlds released its first ever list highlighting venture investors within the built environment. We saw major names like Brick & Mortar, Tech Stars, and the Autodesk Forge Fund, among other venture funds, accelerators, and strategic investors. It’s time we expand on that. We have found it imperative to keep our network informed […]

Connected Job Site 50 List 2018

August 22, 2018

We are excited to present to you the 2018 Connected Job Site 50 List, the easiest way to understand the companies changing the future of job sites through IoT-enabled, data collecting products and systems. Read on to see who made the list.

Building Tech 50 List 2018

July 24, 2018

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the 2018 Building Tech 50 List, your guide to the companies paving the way for the connected buildings of the future. Read on to see who made the list.     Download the full List with descriptions below.     WINDOWS 1. View  Removing the need for blinds altogether, View’s Dynamic Glass […]

20 Infrastructure Solutions Toward a Smarter City

June 25, 2018

In advance of the BuiltWorlds Cities Conference, we wanted to showcase 20 companies with some of the most exciting and innovative solutions to common infrastructure problems in the areas of: communication, water, energy, mobility and waste. Read on to explore how each of these key areas have already begun to be disrupted today while setting […]

Top 27 Venture Players

May 10, 2018

Updated 5/14: As we approach our first ever BuiltWorlds Venture Conference, we wanted to bring back our report highlighting 27 Venture Players in the Built World. If you have already looked through our report, we recommend taking a second look as you prepare for thought-provoking panels and discussion at the conference. If this is the […]


15 Key Players in Construction Automation

April 24, 2018

Leading up to our Machines Conference, we wanted to present you with some of the leading emerging players in built world machinery innovation. As we pulled together the most trailblazing players, one theme was clear: the future of construction machinery is increasingly automated. It’s one of the fastest developing sectors in construction industry technologies, as […]

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Research Reports

Educational report to inform you about relevant topics impacting the built world, today. Built industry companies are highlighted alongside historical context. These Reports are often released in conjunction with a BuiltWorlds Conference.

AI & Machine Learning in Preconstruction

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have already begun taking over the technology landscape in 2019. We’re diving into how these groundbreaking computer-aided softwares are impacting the preconstruction process, diving into what you need to know in order to evaluate new companies and the use cases for your business.

Avoid Added Delays with Jobsite Monitoring

From small residential contracting to large scale infrastructure construction, a project manager’s ability to ensure profitable, timely, and injury-free project delivery depends on their ability to monitor all activities performed on site. This isn’t always feasible or efficient; with crews of workers from different trades, material suppliers, field service technicians, […]

Going Lean: Toward Waste-Free Building

The built environment is full of waste. From solid debris generated on the job site to idle equipment and workers to double data entry in the office, the construction process is rife with inefficiencies. In Going Lean: Toward Waste-Free Building, we’ve teamed up with Skender to explore how the practice […]

Elements of a Great Construction Management Program

Introduction As a hiring manager, you know that the construction industry is hungry for young talent. Nearly 20% of field managers and 15% of project managers will retire within the next five years and we need college graduates to quickly replace them. Construction Management (CM) programs are gearing up to […]

Professional Development Technologies for AEC

Introduction We all know the construction industry has a people problem. 89% of construction firms report a talent shortage. Our workforce is quickly aging. By 2020, individuals under the age of 40 will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce. However, the median age of U.S. construction workers is currently […]

The Key To Construction Productivity

The built world’s productivity lag is no secret. For a fast-moving and dynamic industry, construction projects still rely on outdated, inefficient practices. From the job site to the office, communication is often limited, access to important information is inconsistent, and scheduling is disjointed. The good news? That is beginning to […]

Valuation for the Corporate Venture Capitalist

Introduction Venture capital is flooding the built world and helping numerous tech startups disrupt the industry. As an established enterprise, you may feel threatened by these disruptions. It’s no use trying to beat progress. We’ve all heard the saying, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” What if you became […]

Venture in the Built World

2018 is shaping up to become the year of the built industry tech venture boom. Just ten years ago, there were two measly construction technology investments totaling $4.5 million. Closing out 2017, these numbers soared to 40 deals with a price tag of $538 million, according to Pitchbook. We have […]

Strategies for Drone Implementation

Introduction We all know that traditional practices for construction progress monitoring, site surveying, and safety monitoring are slow and unwieldy. Drones are on a course to fundamentally alter these processes by providing a comprehensive visual record of the job site. Drone use in construction has increased by 239% in the […]

News & Analysis

Articles & Feature Stories that cover the latest news & trending topics

2018 News Rewind – BuiltWorlds’ Most Popular News Stories

2018 was a big year, both for BuiltWorlds and the built world. Our industry saw a lot of changes and new trends. As we sign off 2018 and turn our attention to 2019, we wanted to look at the most popular news articles from each month, chart the path the […]

Weekly Round-Up: News from Aon, Pype, Flo, Cityzenith, Baumann Consulting, and Dodge Data & Analytics

What happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com. 1. Aon profiles Pype Aon, a leading professional services firm in risk management, published […]

Weekly Round-Up: News from Ozinga, CBRE, Clayco, Facilio, and OnTarget

What happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com. 1. Ozinga named employer of the year The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & […]

5 Construction Podcast Episodes Worth Your Attention

If you’re looking for some fresh perspectives on some of the construction industry’s most pressing topics, you might want to tune into the podcast series A Viewpoint on Construction. This podcast series, just six months old, has already tackled some of the biggest issues facing the construction industry, from mitigating […]

Weekly Round-Up: News from CEMEX, Structionsite, FINALCAD, Procore, Roadbotics, and Weatherbuild

What happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com. 1. CEMEX Ventures invests in Structionsite CEMEX Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital arm of […]

CEMEX Ventures Invests in Development of Worksite Digital Twin Through StructionSite

StructionSite automatizes the process of measuring advancements at a worksite and improves decision-making based on graphic visual information. Through this investment in digital construction, CEMEX reinforces its innovative position within the construction ecosystem. CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s open innovation and venture capital unit, announced today its investment in StructionSite, a US-based […]

Weekly Round-Up: News from Facilio, Weatherbuild, Igor, EquipmentShare, and GetJones

What happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com. 1. Facilio raises $6.4 million in Series A funding Facilio is a facilities, workforce, […]

With big funding news from Building Ventures, BuiltWorlds confirms Jesse Devitte for Venture Chicago

This morning, Building Ventures announced that it closed a $53 million round of fundraising. The early-stage investor is dedicated to the built world, and will be pouring its resources into startup companies producing innovative, sustainable solutions that will push the industry forward. The company was founded by Jesse Devitte and […]

Facilio raises USD 6.4 million Series A funding led by Tiger Global and existing investor Accel

Strong performance, clear vision and a sharp go-to-market strategy underpin VC’s choice to fund Facilio Facilio, an Atlanta and Chennai-based Facilities Management Tech start-up offering the world’s first unified IoT and AI-driven facilities optimization software, has announced a funding of $6.4 million USD led by international venture capitalists Tiger Global […]

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Video Vault

Explore videos covering expansive topics in the built world

Building Smart Cities – Paul Doherty talks the future of urban development

Paul Doherty, the CEO of The Digit Group spoke at BuitlWorlds’ Cities Conference about the developments in smart cities construction taking place all around the world including Nashville; Qingdao, China; and Medina, Saudi Arabia. In his keynote, Doherty highlights some exciting new technologies including AR/VR, smart cars, and autonomous smart […]

The Pros and Cons of Construction Tech

Raffi Holzer, CEO of Avvir; Taralinda Willis, Co-Founder and CEO of Curate; Dave Wald, CEO of Aclaimant; and Dan Weisman, Executive Director of Strategic Business Developments at Penta Technologies talk construction technologies, and how solutions are are moving the built industry forward. This panel was held at our Projects Chicago […]

Increasing investment in the built world – Darren Bechtel discusses how new tech is influencing financing

At BuiltWorlds’ Venture Conference in May, Brick & Mortar’s Darren Bechtel delivered a keynote about investing in the built industry. In his talk, Bechtel specifically highlighted the importance of collaboration and consistency as construction tech further develops. Read the coverage from our first Venture Chicago conference here. For further info […]

Tooled Up – Making sense of new digital tools for construction

As projects has grown more complex, with more stakeholders, digital tools have streamlined many construction projects. The panelists examine how these tools improve ROI and help projects from going over-budget.

Bridging the Gap – How Fifth Wall is facilitating tech innovation in real estate

Fifth Wall Ventures is the world’s largest venture fund focusing on the built environment. One of the fund’s major focuses is the real estate industry, which is going through a transformative change, spurred on by the development of new technology. In his keynote at BuiltWorlds’ Venture Conference, Fifth Wall principal Roelof […]

Reach for the Sky – How Drones are Changing the Built Industry

While FAA regulations have somewhat hindered the growth of the drone industry, they are being put to excellent use into AEC space.

Partner Up – Cat Ventures and busybusy discuss strategic partnerships

BuiltWorlds CoFounder Matt Gray sits down with Brian Lowry, investment manager at Cat Ventures, and Isaac Barlow, CEO of busybusy at the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference in May. 

Behind the scenes at Venture with Zach Scheel, CEO of Rhumbix

During our Venture: Chicago conference, we caught up with the CEO of software telematics company, Rhumbix, Zach Scheel. Here, he speaks in a wide-reaching conversation about funding, the future of the paperless jobsite and much more.

Spilling Beans: Key Figures in the Building of World’s Largest Starbucks Talk Shop

The new four-level Starbucks flagship coming to Michigan Avenue in 2019 will be the world’s largest for the popular American coffee giant. At our Projects: Chicago Conference, Todd Siegel, VP at CBRE spoke about how he, along with partners, secured and completed a transaction for the largest Starbucks Roastery in the world–45,000 SF on the Mag Mile for one of four Reserve Roasters globally.

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