Pre-Construction 50: Bidding, Scheduling, Pre-Qualification, Value Engineering, Modeling and Simulation

Preconstruction 50

The areas of Bid Management and Pre-Qualifications, Estimating, Scheduling, Modeling & Simulation, or Value Engineering and Life Cycle Analysis have seen significant growth in recent years. Companies like BuildingConnected, ALICE Technologies, PYPE, Helix, IRIS, and Join are among the new companies making waves in the space.

On this list, we take stock of the sector's and incumbents.

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Pre-Construction Software 50 List

About the List: Who is on it, and who is not and why?

The List is Not Exhaustive. If you want every solution, go to the directory.

We could have had a Preconstruction 100 list at this point. There are now so many solutions at play for the planning phases of Buildings & Infrastructure Projects. In fact, we have a directory of companies to explore by company type, and increasingly, those companies can be searched there by market sector they serve and where they are based. You can also unlock a section of the company profiles for more analysis of that company.

The List is Intended to Be "Representative," not comprehensive. The directory is a better place for a more comprehensive listing.

The Preconstruction 50 was organized to provide a flavor of the solutions in the major sectors of pre-construction we look at under that heading.

  • Some companies on the list may easily have fit under more headings, but we chose to place them only under certain headings in order to provide room for a representative list.
  • Some companies on the list are member/subscribers to BuiltWorlds as of the publication date of this list. We have Indicated those firms in bold letters in order to be transparent.
  • We have also made an effort to include a representative sampling of early stage players in the sector for the benefit of our members who are interested in new solutions.
  • Certain areas of project planning activity such as Building Product and Materials Marketplaces, Design Tools, and Modularization and Fabrication Tools, Drones and Scanners, and field-oriented Resource Planning and Scheduling solutions are not on this list. We will include them in different lists and also make more of an effort to catalogue them in the directory. Again, you can always go to the Network Directory and search "Technology" and "Type" to find them.
  • Certain Sectors like single family home building are under-represented on the list. We recently launched a "Sectors" search feature in our directory and will begin filling out more sector-specific offerings.

For more in depth information about the companies on this list and to learn of other companies in these areas consult our more in-depth research reports and our companies directory or see below the list for more informational videos and reports on the topic.

(You can also click through companies to find more information on their company pages.)

Pre-Qualification Software

  1.  Compass (Bespoke Metrics)
  2.  Textura Pre-Qaulification Manager (ORACLE)
  3.  TradeTapp (Autodesk)
  4.   Vertikal

Bid Management Solutions

  1. BASIS
  2. BidVue (Stratusvue)
  3. BuildingConnected (Autodesk)
  4. CMiC
  5. Dodge Data & Analytics
  6. isqft (ConstructConnect)
  7. Pantera Global Technology
  8. Planhub
  10. SmartBid (ConstructConnect)


  1. Planswift (ConstructConnect) - Take-Off Software.
  2. Assemble (Autodesk) - Integrates with Sage to Integrate models with estimating.
  3. Heavybid (HCSS)
  4. Ineight
  5. Joyne
  6. OnCenter (ConstructConnect) - Take-Off Software
  8. Stack
  9. Timberline (Sage)
  10. WinEst (Trimble)
  11. ViewPoint (Trimble)
  12. Pype (Autodesk)

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