Q1 2022 – Investment Activity – Request

During this first quarter, BuiltWorlds tracked over $2.5 Billion across 20 different specialties within the industry. This quarter’s investment total is more than half the amount that we tracked in the whole of 2021 – $5.04 Billion. The top three specialties of the 2022 Q1 investment activity were in: 1.) Robotics and 2.) Materials Marketplaces and 3.) Construction Management.

Interested in Venture?

The BuiltWorlds Venture Forum serves as a venue for the industry’s leading strategic players to meet in a peer-to-peer setting. The Forum offers its members:

  • Networking–Connecting entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and investors with a focus on innovation around construction.
  • Deal Flow–Curated opportunity summary memos outlining overall opportunities including company overview, financials, and deal terms.
  • Support–Due diligence, negotiation of terms, and investment structuring and analytical services to support the group.
  • Demo Days and Exposure–Monthly private demo days allowing members to meet and get to know up and coming management teams, learn about new technologies and create proprietary opportunities to invest.
  • Piloting–Support with the design and implementation of pilot programs using the portfolio company’s technologies and services through partnerships with BVF members, leading to faster adoption and revenue for the portfolio companies and real-time learnings for BVF members.
  • Research – BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Members enjoy access to our library of startup decks and raise information (Startup Profiles), our reports breaking down the companies and key elements of the industry’s major sub sectors (Topic Overview Reports), and – if strategic level – more customized research and advisory support.
  • Portfolio Company Support – Via special access for their portfolio companies to our Catalyzer Program, Venture Forum Members get the value of the BuiltWorlds team working to help them make their investments a success.


About Builtworlds:

BuiltWorlds is a community and network. We believe in innovation through collaboration, to push the built industry forward. Through our events, ecosystem, and supporting video and written content, BuiltWorlds is providing the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and connections to grow careers, companies, and the industry.